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Meet Our Industry Experts - Page VI

More Industry Experts who have volunteered their time and expertise to
help make your  musical journey less frustrating, more productive and less risky!
Max Hass, Esq.
Entertainment Attorney, Musician, Manager
Max Hass is a Founder and Partner with Holon Law Partners and has significant experience in the areas of entertainment and business law, with a particular focus on copyright and trademark matters.
 John Maxwell Hobbs
CEO/Founder  Streamline-Media.net 
John has over 25 years of experience at the intersection of art and technology, I am a music technology innovator and entrepreneur. He co-founded Streamline Media Limited, a music technology startup in stealth mode. 
Nicole De La Cruz 
Artist, Content Creator, Actor, Filmmaker 
Nicole is best known for her TikTok account (@nicolemariedlc), in which she posts creative comedy skits and music. She has over 350k followers and 200 million views. She is also known for her music video, 'Moonstruck'. 
Mary Claxton 
 Director of Teaching & Learning at Music Will

Mary has spent her professional life in the areas  of music performance, teaching, and advocacy. She serves as the Assoc, Director of Teaching and Learning for Music Will, creating culturally responsive materials for students and teachers. 

Megan Wren 
Creative Intuition Coach 
Megan received her bachelors degree in Exercise Science, becoming an ACSM Exercise Physiologist, and later a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She empowers creatives with the strategies, and resources to amplify their creative gifts.
Reuben Avery 
CEO of BackOnStageApp.com and Musician  
Reuben is a bandleader, trumpet player, sound tech, software developer and entrepreneur. He founded Phonix Band Inc., a live music service company in Vancouver BC, and Back On Stage App, a music business management software. 
Artist, Content Creator, Social Media Expert

Shelby Strickfaden, aka C!NDERSELLA,  studied Songwriting and Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She is a social mareketing expert/hyperpunk artist with a following over 950K followers on TikTok. 

 Gregory Blunt
Film and Video Game Composer 
 Gregory has composed for films that dance with light and shadow and orchestrated melodies for digital realms. His music has also been heard in orchestral halls, in indie games, and 'in the hearts of listeners, weaving tales of triumph and tragedy.'
Jenny Powers  
CEO - Blue Avenue Music Group  

Jenny oversees a dynamic conglomerate that includes artist management and marketing services, Blue Avenue Records, production services, and educational workshops along with a vibrant community platform. 

Raspberrry Sky
Artist - Producer - Songwriter

Shane Anderson, is a contemporary R&B singer and songwriter and music producer based out of Sacramento, CA. He has developed a large base  of superfans that he regularly engages with via text and email marketing (with Adva Mobile). 

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