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And We Are On A MISSION!

“Our mission is to make choosing a career in music a viable, profitable and scalable option for anyone who has a marketable talent or skill and the passion, drive and work ethic to make it happen.” 

We provide you with  knowledge that is accurate and relevant.

All of our videos are reviewed regularly for accuracy and relevance so you're never getting out-of-date information.

We tap only reputable
and trusted industry experts worldwide.

Every member of our always-growing global roster of experts is vetted so the information they share is accurate.

We host a member community so you can connect with our experts & other members.

Many of our experts and members are willing to support you in many ways. Ask questions, get professional help etc.

We help you limit your risk by explaining how the industry works and the red flags to watch out for!

It can be career-damaging to blindly make potentially costly moves, hire team members or sign contracts. 

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Why Cartne?

Our Story

CEO of Indie Connect, Inc., the parent of Cartne.
Cartne is the brainchild of Vinny Ribas. Vinny has been in the music industry for over 60 years as an artist manager, artist consultant,  performer, songwriter, booking agent, producer, studio owner, author, speaker and more. After coaching over 1000 artists, he realized that almost everyone has the same questions and challenges. However, there is no one central place where singers, musicians, songwriters, managers and label execs could go to get guaranteed timely and relevant answers to their questions. 

Thus, the idea for Cartne was born. The goal is be that central hub of relevant how-to information for anyone involved in the music industry at any level.  Vinny obviously doesn't have all of the answers. No one person does.  So he decided to get his many associates in the industry involved in doing the teaching. From the beginning countless reputable professionals  have offered to help out by sharing their expertise out of the goodness of their hearts!

The result is this massive library of quality how-to interviews from industry professionals worldwide. And now every single week Cartne is recording more interviews that are immediately edited and added to the library!

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