It's a daunting task to try to build a solid, profitable and sustainable music career, whether its your own or that of your talented child. You need a solid understanding of how the music business works so you avoid making mistakes that cost you time and money. You also need to know how to avoid the sharks who are out to take your money and/or your art. 

It's Important To Where You're Going And How You're Going To Get There

Dreaming big is your job.
Putting you on the path to success is our job.

  • Identify Your Short And Long-Term Goals
  • Develop A Plan And A Timeline For Achieving Them
  • Break The Plan Down Into Realistic And Manageable Steps
  • Put the Necessary Team In Place To Implement The Plan

1-On-1 and Group Coaching 

Cartne offers several coaching options:

  • Receive 1-on-1 or group online coaching by Cartne founder, Vinny Ribas. Vinny has coached over 1K artists and songwriters! Visit Vinny's Page!
  • Scott Welch is also available for coaching. He has managed the careers of Alanis Morissette, Steve Perry/Journey, Paula Abdul and many more! Visit Scott's Page!

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Here are some of the areas we help you with...

Developing Short And Long Term Career Plans

You know what you want to achieve. We help you set realistic interim goals and then map out the exact steps you're going to take to get there!

Marketing Your Act And Your Music

You want to make money with your music. To accomplish that, we help you build your fanbase in a way that fits both your goals and your brand!  

Getting More And Better-Paying Gigs

Whether you're chasing your first gigs, looking to  get bigger or better paying gigs, or trying to land 1 or more booking agents, we can show you how to get there.  

Generating And Collecting Royalties

If you've been releasing music, chances are you've been generating royalties. It's important to know all of these income streams to collect what you've earned. 

Building A Solid Business Team

It's hard to build a stable and profitable music career all alone.  You might benefit from having a manager, booking agent, attorney, marketing help etc.

Avoiding Industry Sharks And Rip Offs

The music industry is packed with predatory sharks who prey on artists, songwriters and the parents of talented kids who don't know the industry ropes. 

Up-Leveling Your Skills & Talents

Constantly sharpening your skills will keep you competitive. This can include voice coaching, instrument coaching or maybe just  improving your live show. 

Understanding The Music Business

Bad things can happen when you don't know how the business works. You often waste precious time and money.  Worse yet, you're an easy target for scammers.

Increasing Your Overall Income 

A wise artist or songwriter generates money from numerous different sources, ensuring a steady stream of income even when one or more of the sources dries up.

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