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More Industry Experts who have volunteered their time and expertise to
help make your  musical journey less frustrating, more productive and less risky!
Bobby Owsinski
Producer, Mix Engineer, Author, Blogger
Producer/engineer Bobby Owsinski is a  best selling author (recording music industry). He’s also a contributor to Forbes as an expert on the new music business. His production and music industry blogs have won many industry awards,.
Alex Bowers
Alex Bowers a producer and engineer, a music director, a live and session musician located in Los Angeles. He programs shows for people, play shows, and has shared the studio and the stage with some awesome artists and musicians.
Tracy Hamlin
Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Label Owner
Tracy is a highly acclaimed R*B and jazz performer who's traveled the world singing with artists such as Peabo Bryson, Gloria Gaynor, Carlos Santana, Will Downing, Chaka Khan and more. She has also had dozens of #1 Soulful House Music records.
Gilli Moon
Artist, Songwriter, Founder- Songsalive!
Gilli is also a well-known independent music artist (8 albums), songwriter, author, coach and creative entrepreneur. Songsalive! is the largest non-profit organization supporting songwriters and composers worldwide. 
Andy Hill
Dean of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe
Andy Hill is the Dean of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, and former VP Of Music Production For Disney. He also composes, produces, & supervises music for film and other media. Also the author of a trilogy of "metaphysical detective novels.
Ant Glynne 
Guitar For Rick Wakeman & Many Others 
Ant Glynne is a world renowned guitar player who has performed with Mike Olfield, Rick Wakeman, Taj Mahal, Albert Collins, Slash, Roger Chapman, Midnight Flyer and many others. He's also demonstrated Marshall amps & Fender guitars.
Ari Nisman
Founder & CEO, Degy Entertainment
Ari Nisman is the President and CEO of Degy Booking International and Degy World LLC.  Degy is one of the largest buyers in the world for the US Military/Department of Defense, colleges, corporations, minor league baseball team & more. 
Barry Coffing
Founder/CEO - MusicSupervisor.com
Barry is the founder of MusicSupervisor.com and WeGetArtists.com. He’s written over 200 songs for film and TV and is an award-winning film producer. He's also written #1 hit songs around the world.
Bob Dellaposta
Music Publisher, Songwriter, Educator
Bob is a professional songwriter, music publisher, musician and trumpet player. He is an Adjunct Professor of Songwriting and Music Publishing at Nashville State Community College. He's the  president of the Nashville Publishers Network. 
Eric De Fontenay
Founder & CEO, Music Dish China
Eric founded MusicDish in 1997 & MusicDish*China in 2010. It produces & promotes live music events across China and has toured a roster of overseas artists. They have worked with festivals, organizers & brands in China & abroad.
Ken Umezaki
Founder/CEO - Verifi Media
Ken is the CEO and co-founder of Verifi Media, which harmonizes media files with their metadata sets to facilitate faster global changes and multiparty communication. Ken's also an investor and business advisor for music startups.
Makenzie Stokel
Co-Founder of EVA, A Corporate Booking Platform
Makenzie is the co-founder of EVA, a tech-driven platform that connects event planners with vetted live entertainment. We customize experiences for virtual, hybrid and in-person corporate and private events. 
Brendan Bennett
Bass Player, Music Director, Producer
Brendan Bennett is a Music Director, Bassist and Producer of live/ recorded. He has been working with artists nationally and internationally such as the Black Eyed Peas and Redbone to create thrilling stage performances for 15 years.
Chris Van Cleave
Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Composer
An actor-singer, Chris Van Cleave has starred in tours of Hair & Jesus Christ Superstar, performing in theaters, coliseums, and concert venues throughout the US, Canada, and Great Britain. He also played a leading roles in Les Miserables.
Darran Bruce
Executive Producer of 'The DJ Sessions' Podcast
Darran Bruce is the Executive Producer of the award-wining podcast, “The DJ Sessions”. His vast years of experience in TV broadcasting and his die-hard love for nightlife led him to the launch of “The DJ Sessions.”
Sarah Harralson
Artist,  Catalog Artist Royalties Analyst
Sarah is a Catalog Artist Royalties Analyst at Warner Music Group. She's also a talented artist & songwriter. “Sarah Harralson presents honest, bare-boned recordings that are authentic,” stated Music Connection Magazine.
Sheyna Gee
Country Artist and Songwriter 
Sheyna is a Nashville-based country singer whose unique voice, outstanding stage presence and strong songwriting have earned her the respect of the Nashville music industry and have helped her develop a loyal fanbase worldwide.
Steve Creech
Mastering Engineer, Producer, Songwriter
Steve is an accomplished producer. engineer, mastering engineer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter & arranger. Based in Nashville, he's worked on 1K+ major label & indie tracks, TV and Film projects over the last 30 years. 
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