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If you're looking to reach independent artists, musicians, songwriters, managers and labels, you're in the right place. 

We also provide industry programs for teachers as well as for the parents of talented chldren!
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Standard Partnerships

One or More Video Interviews

You can choose the videos, video  category(s) or industry experts  you want your ad to appear with. The ad will point to your company 's corporate website.


1-4 Videos - $200 each per 6 mo.
5-9 Videos - $175 each per 6 mo.
10+ Videos - $150 each per 6 mo.
(prices are 1 time, not monthly)

Special Projects
And Events

We host numerous workshops,  webinars and networking events. We also partner with companies and organizations to bring music business education to their clients or members.


Varies based on the event or project. Please inquire about opportunities. 

Advertise In Our Newsletter

Newsletter sponsors reach every member and newsletter subscriber at least once every month. Ads can be videos, free or discount offers etc. and be changed any time.


3 Months - $225
6 Months $400
1 Year - $700

All Inclusive Sponsorship

Your Ad On 10 'Free' Video Pages For 1 Year - $1500 Value

3 Special Event Sponsorships - $1500 Value Min.

Monthly Newsletter Ad For 1 Year - $700 Value

Frequent Social Media Mentions

An Informational Video Interview About Your Company - Priceless



We Are Open To Many Other Forms Of Partnerships

These are some of the other ways we can work together!
  • You can become an affiliate and earn monthly income promoting Cartne.
  • We can become an affiliate for you and promote your products or services to our members.
  • We can present an online workshop for your company, organization or school
  • We can interview someone from your company, organization or school (educational, not promotional)
  • We can offer your customers, members or students a discount on Cartne memberships
  • We can create a video series specifically tailored towad your needs
  • We can co-produce a workshop or event

The Possibilities Are Endless! What's Your Idea For Working Together?

Are You Interested In Discussing A Partnership?

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