Frequently asked questions

What Are The Benefits Of Paid Membership?

  • Immediate access to all of the videos, audios, video transcripts and more on the site 24/7.
  • Access to events such as meet and greets, networking events, workshops and more.
  • Access to join our exclusive online member community
  • Access to member discounts on valuable products and services

How Much Is Membership?

Free membership for access to our basic industry videos.
Paid Membership: $12 per month or $119 per year.

How Can I Promote My Products Or Services On Cartne? 

We welcome sponsors and advertisers!
We are also open to exploring ways to work together that benefit both of us as much as possible.
Please see our Sponsorship Page for promotion information. 

Can I Offer A Discount To My Members, Employees Or Customers?

Yes! Cartne has 2 options for companies, schools and music industry organizations.
1. Become an affiliate reseller and earn a 25% recurring commission off every subscription you generate.
2. Offer a discount (to be negotiated) to your members in lieu of taking the commission.
We can also do a combination of both.

Apply HERE!

Can I Offer Cartne A s A Fundraiser For My Organization Or School?

Absolutely!  Generating recurring monthly income by promoting Cartne is easy through our affiliate program. Everything is virtual, so there are never any physical products to store and track!
Cartne is perfect for educational institutions, music schools, nonprofit and some for-profit organizations, music retailers and other music-related companies.
Apply here to express your interest.
Once you are approved, you will be added to the list of future affiliates for when the site launches. We reserve the right to accept or reject inquiring affiliates at our discretion.
You will be given access to a special link that tracks your referrals, as well as variety of marketing materials that you can include in an email to parents, on your website, in ads etc.
Each month you receive a commission of 20% for every current subscriber who registered using your link.

How Can I Share My Industry Expertise With Cartne Members?

We are always looking for new industry professionals to interview! Contact Us and let us know a little about you and what topic(s) you would like to be interviewed about.
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