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More Industry Experts who have volunteered their time and expertise to
help make your  musical journey less frustrating, more productive and less risky!
Dave Pomeroy
President, Nashville Musicians' Association, Bass Player
Dave Pomeroy is President of The Nashville Musicians' Association (AFM 257). As a bass player he toured and recorded with country music legend Don Williams. He's also performed with Steve Winwood, John Fogerty and Willie Nelson.
Emily Satterlee
Founder/CEO - ItyDity.com
Emily Satterlee is the founder and CEO of ItyDity.com, a popular producer-artist matching service. She is also the driving force behind the ‘Find Your Sound Accelerator’ as well as an artist in her own right
Emily White
Artist Manager, Author, Podcaster, Advocate
Emily is the author of 'How to Build a Sustainable Music Career & Collect All Revenue Streams'. She hosts a music business podcast of the same name. She founded the  #iVoted Festival and a Founding Partner at Collective Entertainment.
Eugene Capon
Social Media Futurist
A social media futurist, Eugene’s forward thinking attitude towards how we connect using technology has been at the forefront of his mission to connect the world and pave the way to the metaverse. 
Gary Grainger
Bass Player, 'Grainger' and 'Pockets'
Gary Grainger and his brother, drummer Gregory Grainger joined the best-selling 70s band, Pockets, and toured extensively with Earth, Wind And Fire. He has played bass with John Scofield, Bill Evans, Paul Reed Smith and many more
Ignacio 'Nacho' Molino
Grammy-Winning Mix Engineer. Producer
Nacho is a Grammy-winning Producer & Engineer with 20+ years of experience. He played with Panama bands such as Libertad Perdida, Rencilla and Cabeza de Martillo. He was also awarded several Panama Rock Awards for his works.
Jackie Macri
Licensed Music Therapist
Jackie has a Masters in Music Therapy as well as BA degrees in Music and Psychology. She works as a music therapist serving hospitalized children & their families. She also performs professionally as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. 
Jastin Artis
Christian Hip Hop Artist, Engineer, Spoken Word Artist
Gold-certified engineer, and artist, Jastin Artis has  over a decade of progressive experience in the music industry. He is a celebrated creative with a reputation for utilizing creativity and a "whatever it takes" attitude to lead big ideas from development to execution.
Keith Bradford
Label Owner, Radio Station Owner, Bass Player
Keith Bradford's career includes having been Kitty Wells' front man and bass player. He's also the co-founder of the Nashville Broadcasting Network. a Nashville radio station that plays Country, Gospel, Bluegrass and a variety of other genres.
KC Cozart
Licensed Music Therapist
KC has played guitar and sung professionally with many well-known country & bluegrass artists.  He was considered one of the best acoustic guitarists around. He's the founder of the acclaimed newgrass group, Newgrass Review. 
Khaliq 'Khaliq-O-Vision' Glover
Christian Hip Hop Artist, Engineer, Spoken Word Artist
Khaliq Glover, aka Khaliq-O-Vision, is a Grammy-winning engineer, author and producer. He was an engineer on the historic recording of “We Are The World” written by Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, with Stevie Wonder and performed by an All-Star Cast.
Mark Roos
Composer, Co Founder  of Cutting Room Music

Mark's an Award-winning composer for film, TV & advertising. He's composed for Trending Crimes, American Pickers, Catfish, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Snapped, Murder One,  Xbox, Pixar and many more.

Katherine Beggs
Composer, Co Founder of Cutting Room Music
Katherine is a composer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California, specializing orchestral compositions, pop/alternative song-writing, & music production. She's currently pursuing degrees in music composition & political science.
Melinda Ebert
Festival Organizer, Artist Developer
Melinda Ebert is an event planner and a seasoned artist developer. She has organized a large number of festivals and events around the United States over the past 13+ years. She enjoys planning events that unite community groups. 
Melissa Garcia
Collective Entertainment, Artist Manager
Melissa Garcia is a Founding Partner at Collective Entertainment. As a talent manager and consultant, she develops careers, and strategizes marketing initiatives in order to leverage her clients’ brands to grow their audiences.
Brendan Bennett
Bass Player, Music Director, Producer
Brendan Bennett is a Music Director, Bassist and Producer of live/ recorded. He has been working with artists nationally and internationally such as the Black Eyed Peas and Redbone to create thrilling stage performances for 15 years.
Chris Van Cleave
Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Composer
An actor-singer, Chris Van Cleave has starred in tours of Hair & Jesus Christ Superstar, performing in theaters, coliseums, and concert venues throughout the US, Canada, and Great Britain. He also played a leading roles in Les Miserables.
Darran Bruce
Executive Producer of 'The DJ Sessions' Podcast
Darran Bruce is the Executive Producer of the award-wining podcast, “The DJ Sessions”. His vast years of experience in TV broadcasting and his die-hard love for nightlife led him to the launch of “The DJ Sessions.”
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