How Can I Get A Job Working On A Tour Or At A Concert?

  • Nikki Sanz
  • CEO and Founder
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It can take hundreds of people to put on a concert, let alone an entire tour. They need the obvious - sound and lighting techs, riggers, instrument techs etc. But they also need people to assist in catering, selling merch,  working with the VIPs, managing the dressing rooms, and so much more! Of course, knowing who to contact and how to reach them is often a mystery.

In this video. Nikki Sanz talks about what it was like working on tours with some of the biggest acts in the world, and explains how you can get a job on a tour or just at local concerts whether you have experience or not.


Tips And Advice Nikki Shares In This Interview

Range Of Jobs

Learn the wide range of jobs that are offered on tours, wheter you have expereince or not. 

What Touring Is Like

Learn what tour life is really like, from the work required to living on a bus!


Learn how to get an internship at a concert or on a tour, whether you're in college or not.

Getting A Job

Learn how you can get your resume in front of the the tour managers, artist managers,, merch managers etc. who do all the hiring. 

The Demand

Learn the current demand for good workers  in the many different roles both on tours and at local concerts.

Pros and Cons

Learn the great opportunities that touring jobs offer as well as some of the reasons why it is not for everyone. 

Nikki shares a lot more invaluable information!

About The EXPERT

Nikki Sanz

Founder and CEO Nikki Sanz is the brains and heart behind Giggs, the first job posting and social networking platform for the touring industry. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Nikki has navigated the entertainment industry with hustle and ambition. The day after graduating from Elon University, Nikki moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in the music industry. Within six months, she secured various gigs working for Live Nation, the Ryman Auditorium, Bold Recording Studio, CMA Fest, CMT, Ascend Amphitheater, and she was offered her first touring gig – with Eric Church.

For the next three 
years, she toured as the Production Assistant for Eric, and well as George Strait, Weezer, Jon Pardi, Alison Krauss, among others. She filled her time spent off the road with various other gigs in the entertainment industry. This included working for the Superbowl, ABC’s The Bachelor casting, Bonnaroo Festival, ACM Awards, corporate events, and music videos. She has worked for other artists, such as Beyoncé, Roger Waters, Darius Rucker, Justin Bieber, Dolly Parton, Bruno Mars, and Journey. She orchestrated a national book tour for celebrity chef Mee McCormick, and staffed music tours for Porter Rose Agency.

Nikki’s experience on the road, and staffing tours, offered her a unique vantage point on the challenges faced by touring professionals and companies. This recognition fueled her fervent aspiration to redefine the landscape and create Giggs – an exclusive, centralized hub where the best touring professionals and companies can connect, collaborate, and discover opportunities more efficiently than ever before. Giggs transforms a previously fragmented word of mouth industry into a more efficient marketplace.

Nikki’s passion is driven by three fundamental principles that light up her mission. First, she champions the concept of gigging as a full-fledged career, advocating for professionals to forge a fulfilling path outside the confines of the typical 9-to-5 grind by embracing freelance work in the entertainment industry.

Second, Nikki is an advocate for equal opportunity, firmly believing that 
the journey to find the next gig should be easier and more inclusive. She wants to help eliminate the predominant reliance on word-of-mouth and usher in a new era of efficiency and inclusivity.

Lastly, Nikki recognizes the isolation that constant travel can bring and underscores the need for a central hub where connections are forged, and a vibrant community is nurtured. As the driving force behind Giggs, Nikki Sanz uses her ambition and hustle towards positioning Giggs as the next technology to innovate, professionalize, and disrupt the touring industry.

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