How Can I Work With Celebrities?

  • Roberto Bolero Noriega
  • Industry Exec.
  • Composer
    Vocal Arranger
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Are you a musician or singer who would love to be working with a major artist? Are you chops good enough to make the grade? Do you have a pleasing personality so the other band and crew members will enjoy hanging with you?

In this interview, composer and vocal arranger, Roberto Bolero Noriega shares his vast experience, expertise and insights on what it really takes to work with celebrities.


Ideas And Advice Roberto Shares In This Video

Things To Know

Learn basic facts and realities about working with celebrities.

The Trust Factor

Learn why an artist's ability to trust you is critically important.


Learn how much weight your talent carries vs. other intangible characteristics.

Getting The Gig

Find out the most effective ways to get the attention of a major artist or his or her team.

Your Experience

Find out whether or not past experience working with a major artist is important. 


Learn some of the drawbacks that working with celebrities can have.
About The EXPERT

Roberto Bolero Noriega

A native New Yorker whose career started as an intern assistant to the music director at the popular "Saturday Night Live" comedy show, Roberto's journey continued to reach new and endless heights. He is a University trained composer, pianist, and vocalist and a graduate of the State University of New York at New Paltz, earning his Bachelor of Science Degree. His move to Los Angeles, California would consistently catapult him into the midst of the most iconic entertainers - past and present - including Michael Jackson, Madonna and Julio Iglesias among others.

Earning over 30 Gold, Platinum and Diamond Record Awards with over 150,000,000 career sales worldwide, Roberto continues to participate and innovate in the most powerful and influential industry the world has ever known. Though he shadows social media, his accomplishments and unique experiences speak for themselves.

Without much fanfare his career stays in forward motion with his contributions in the entertainment and business world. As an experienced CEO and Business Consultant, he is continuing his education seeking his Juris Doctorate in Law. Roberto Bolero Noriega is a motivator and entertaining speaker with a broad knowledge in many industries. He shares his expert knowledge with the community through public speaking at universities, conventions and corporate events.

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