What Is Mastering And Do I Need It?

  • Steve Creech
  • Music Producer
  • Mastering Engineer

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There are multiple phases to any recording - pre-production, production, mixing and usually mastering. Not everyone opts for or needs the last phase. To know if you need mastering, it's important to understand what it actually is.

In this informative video, mastering engineer Steve Creech talks about what mastering is and when you should include it.

Critical Info Steve Shares In This Video


Find out what mastering is and why mossongs or albums should be mastered.


Steve gives a brief history of the art and shares how and  why it has evolved.


Find out what skills ae required for someone to be a strong mastering engineer.

What Needs Mastering?

Learn when music should be mastered and when it's not necessary.

Software vs. Ears

Learn when mastering with basic software is OK and when you might want a human mastering engineer.


Find out what a pro mastering engineer will most likely charge for their services.
About The EXPERT

Steve Creech

Steve Creech is an accomplished producer. engineer, mastering engineer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and arranger. He has worked on thousands of major label and indie tracks as well as TV and Film projects over the last 30 years. Some of his clients have included K-Tel, Disney, Katherine Hepburn, Phil Keaggy, The Gaithers and Steven Curtis Chapman. He takes a very personalized positive approach to all these endeavors. He is currently based in Nashville.
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