How Can I Compose For Or Get My Music Into Video Games? 

  • Gregory Blunt
  • Film Composer
  • Video Game Music Composer

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Many musicians are gamers, and often dream of having their music used in a video game. Others would like to compose the underscore for video gamers. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can go about making this happen!

In this video, composer, Gregor Blunt walks you through how to write music for video games as well as how to submit your skills or your completed songs to game developers. He also covers the legal aspects of the music ownership and how compensation often works.


Information Gregory Shares In This Video

Composing For Games

Learn the unique format pf music that is composed for games.

Submitting Songs

Learn how to submit your songs to video game developers.

Scope Of Music

Learn the genres or styles that are most popular in video games.


Learn to network in the video game industry so you can get your 1st opportunities.


Find out how song ownership is often dealt with in video game music.


Find out how composers and songwriters are most often compensated. 

Plus A Lot More!

About The EXPERT

Gregory Blunt

Gregory Warren Blunt is a composer of tunes, weaver of soundscapes, and a melodious maverick. The very air seems to hum when his imagination takes flight!

Hailing from the sun-kissed lands of Sacramento, California, He embarked on this symphonic journey at a tender age of 11, wielding a trumpet and a heart brimming with sonic dreams. High school bands and jazz ensembles became his playground, and he waltzed into the realm of higher musical education majoring in trumpet performance.

However, the fates had a twist in store for him - a chance encounter with music theory unfurled a path he never knew he craved. A composer was born! Brigham Young University-Idaho welcomed him, and the world of composition unfurled its symphonic embrace.

In the balmy summer of 2015, under the mentorship of the illustrious film composer Hummie Mann at Sundance Film Music Festival, the essence of film scoring whispered its secrets to his eager ears. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees later, he emerged, not just a composer, but an orchestrator, a conductor, and a seeker of sonic tales.

His auditory adventures know no bounds - He has composed for films that dance with light and shadow, orchestrated melodies for digital realms, and even serenaded the very fabric of storytelling. The echoes of his music have reverberated in orchestral halls, in indie games, and in the hearts of listeners, weaving tales of triumph and tragedy.

"My music is a kaleidoscope of emotions, a tapestry of tales, and a jubilant jig of juxtaposed notes. I sculpt symphonies from the clay of silence, creating auditory landscapes that stir souls and spark imaginations."

Now, the adventure continues, and the staves of fate whisper of projects in films, commercials, television, and beyond. It continues with you. Dear seeker of sonic serendipity, if your heart yearns for harmonious realms and musical marvels, if you seek a seranader for your next auditory adventure, a melodious magician to infuse your creation with soul-stirring tunes, he stands ready. Reach out, and compose a musical odyssey together.

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