What Is An EPK and How Do I Use It?

  • Melinda Ebert
  • Artist Developer
  • Festival Organizer
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If you're trying to book gigs for yourself or your band, the first logical step is to create an 'EPK', or electronic press kit. It's your primary (but not your only) sales tool.

In this video, Artist Developer and Festival Organizer, Melinda Ebert explains what what goes into a good EPK and how to use it to get more or better gigs.


Vital Information Melinda Shares In This Interview

What's In It

Find out what goes into your EPK so you're portraying your act in its best light.

Social Media

Find out what you should include regarding your social media.


Learn the vital mistakes artists make when submitting an EPK to a venue.


Learn what turns Melinda off to an act when she's the entertainment buyer for festicals.

Using Your EPK

Learn some tips on how to best submit your EPK to venues or agents.

EPK vs. Website

Find out if having an EPK replacs the need for a website, or vice versa.
About The EXPERT

Melinda Ebert

Melinda Ebert is a team builder, big picture visionary, event organizer, and bridge.  Having organized a large number of festivals and events around the United States over the past 13 years, she believes that when people find confidence and encouragement in their true gifts, the perfect career and inspiration for life can be found and fostered into something amazing! Melinda specializes in planning events that unite community groups that may not normally find each other or work together creating a bond in the community that didn’t exist before.  Uniting industries through live interactive events fosters people working together, getting past the handshake relationship and growing deeper into a working relationship showcasing the talents of all parties involved.

Melinda is also a seasoned artist developer.


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