How Can Using Click Tracks Improve My Recordings and Live Shows?

  • Alex Bowers
  • Music Producer
    Music Director
  • Mix Engineer

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Keeping everyone on stage in perfect sync is a daunting task, even for the most experienced performers or musicians. Fortunately technology has made that job a whole lot easier. 

In this video, Alex Bowers talks about how musicians can use click tracks to improve their recordings and live shows. 

Helpful Advice Alex Shares In This Video

What Is A Click Track

Learn exactly what a click track is and why it is so useful for live shows and recordings.

Who Uses Click Tracks

Find out who benefits the most from using click tracks.

Operating It

Learn who is usuallu tasked with kicking off the click track.


Learn what genres use click tracks and which ones don't.

Practical Use

Find out if it makes your show sound rigid or if it can be adjusted to fit show dynamics.

Setting Up A Click Track

Get some tips on setting up a click track so it best fits your show. 
About The EXPERT

Alex Bowers

Alex Bowers a producer and engineer, a music director, a live and session musician located in Los Angeles. "I have been able to program shows for people, play shows, and I’ve been fortunate to share the studio and the stage with some awesome artists and musicians."

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