How Can AI Help Me In My Music Career?

  • John Oszajca
  • Artist
  • Music Marketer
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Many artists and songwriters are worried that AI technology is going to put them out of a job. There are arguments on both sides of the fence, and it will certainly affect some creatives. But it is also a powerful tool to use on the business side of your career!

In this video, music marketing guru, John Oszajca explains how he uses AI to make his job easier and faster. He explains how you can take advantage of this incredible technology to help you stand out from he crowd while being more efficient and profitable in the process. 


Insights And Advice John Shares In This Video


John expains the realities of AI and why he is not afraid of it as a musician.

How To Use It

Learn how ChatGPT, the most popular AI platform, works and how to use it.

Ways To Use AI

John walks through many of the ways he uses AI and is constantly discovering more.

Creative Limitations

Learn some of the things AI can't or isn't very good at doing - at least not yet. (Dec. 2023)

Value of AI

John explains the value using AI has had in marketing his own music and that of others.

Musician's Role

Learn how musicians can be just as creative in using AI as they can in making music.
About The EXPERT

John Oszajca

John Oszajca, an Interscope recording artist and online marketing expert, is a pioneer in the world of direct-to-fan marketing. John began sharing his insights into this approach in 2007. He offers expertise on a wide range of topics including the evolving landscape of the music industry, marketing strategies for musicians, social media, songwriting and the opportunities for independent music created by the internet. John has appeared in Rolling Stone, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and more.

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