How Can I Tour Mexico and Latin America?

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Streaming platforms have made all kinds of music available instantly to the entire world. As a result, many people listen to and support all kinds of music and artists. That opens the doors for touring in places you may never have considered. 

Arturo Soler is based in Mexico and has been involved in the music industry throughout Latin America. In this video he shares how you can tour Mexico as well as the other Latin American countries.


Some Insights Arturo Shares In This Video

Music Market

Find out what the music market is like in mexico and throughoutr Latin America.

Popular Genres

Find out what gnres are most popular in the clubs in each country or region.


Finfd out how welcoming Latin America is toward foreign bands. 

Getting The Gigs

Arturo explains how you should approach touring Mexico and Latin America.

Expenses/Making Money

Learn how much money you can expect to earn your first time iMexico & Latin America.

Things to Know

Get tips on the various cultures that are critical for you to know before you tour.

This Is Just A Small Of What Arturo Shares!

About The EXPERT

Arturo Soler

Based in Mexico, Arturo collaborates with music artists & music label companies, concert promoters, and entrepreneurs to produce highly profitable careers. He develops artist careers through the use of top-of-the-line technology. 

Arturo has developed Songs Wallet, an innovative, frictionless platform for music distribution, royalties collection & advances.

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