How Do I Grow My Fanbase and Increase My Notoriety on Digital Platforms? 

  • Johnny Dwinell
  • 'The Climb'
  • Daredevil
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Not so long ago, the only way the public knew what music was available was through their radio. But the world is different now, with everyone having access to virtually all of the music ever created! This new audio world requires a very different marketing plan than radio did. And yet, many are still stuck in that old model.

In this video, digital marketing expert, Johnny Dwinell explains how to develop a real fanbase in today's unique music marketplace. 


Insights And Advice Johnny Shares In This Video


Larn why even major abels are having trouble breaking artists on radio today.

What Branding Includes

Learn the rules of marketing that drive awareness and interest that are ignored on social media.

Getting Attention

Learn about to get fan attention when all they do is scroll up every 3 seconds.

Fan Engagement

Understand the importance of building relationships with your online fans.


Learn how to turn the casual viewer or listener into one of your super fans.

Marketing Budget

Learn why you need a budget for marketing and how much that should be.
About The EXPERT

Johnny Dwinell

For the last 11 years, Daredevil Production has been growing the businesses of our clientele while simultaneously decreasing their advertising costs by carefully guiding them to digital marketing. The 2.0 byproduct of this marketing adaptation is data; more refined targeting means higher conversion rates.

The biggest marketing mistake businesses make when they begin transforming to the digital realm is that they aren't honoring the digital platform. They instinctually and understandably apply the marketing strategies, tactics, and sales criteria that have worked in the past for them on broadcast platforms to their digital marketing plan.

It doesn't work.

Broadcast marketing is a "one-to-many" exchange. Digital is a "one-to-one" exchange. The digital platform is consumed differently than broadcast, therefore, the creative must be native to the platform. This includes image and video ads, webinars, etc. The conversions happen at a different place because the business/consumer relationship is created differently on digital than it is on broadcast platforms. A business may have an incredibly successful digital campaign started but feel like it's a failure because the sales don't happen in the same place as they would with a broadcast ad, event, experience, etc.

Daredevil Production expertly guides our clientele successfully into the digital realm. We get it, the devil you know feels better than the devil you don't, but when the devil you know isn't working, it's time to at least consider your alternatives.

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