How Can I Use Sync Libraries and Sync Services to Get Film and TV Placements?

  • Barry Coffing
  • Founder/CEO


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Are you trying to get your songs placed in films or TV shows? There are many routes to take to get there if you have the time, the contacts, the knowledge and the negotiating skills. But there are less complex ways to get you there.

In this video, Barry Coffing, founder of and, explains how sync libraries and sync services work and how you can tap into them to get those coveted film and TV placements.


Important Information Barry Shares In This Video

Sync Library

Find out exactly what a sync library is and does to place songs in films and TV.

Library Pros and Cons

Find out what's good, what's bad and red flags  watch for when using a sync library.

Getting Paid

Find out how artists get paid from film and TV placements.

Sync Service vs. Library

Find out the important difference between sync services and libraries.

Placement Process

Learn the exact process that music supervisors go through to choose music.

Submitting Songs

Learn how to submit your songs (and how not to) to sync services and libraries.

Barry Shares A LOT More Information In This Interview!


Barry Coffing

I have built a series of companies and services that enable musical artists to be fairly paid from the licensing and use of their music. Our brand goals are to be fair and transparent in all our dealings and to prove that the really nice guys finish first.

I think life is fun and you can only take it so seriously. So here is what I've done so far. I have written #1 hit songs around the world and I have lost an Emmy. (they call it being nominated) I have had major publishing, distribution, and record deals. (really learned a lot) I have written over 200 songs for film and TV. I am an award-winning film producer. Best Producer at The Beverly Hills Film Festival (the movie took 10 years to finish and 2 of my actors were dead when I got my award) I love the art of artist development. (making rock stars and recordings)

Specialties: Music Business: Technology, Legal, Licensing, Distribution, Streaming, and Live Events. Music Creation: Composition, Production, and Scoring. My credits include # 1 hits, Emmy nominations, and gold certified music sales.

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