How Do I Best Encourage, Support and Protect My Musically Talented Child? 

  • Daniel Panetta
  • Artist, Songwriter
  • Voiceover Artist
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Working with talented children can be amazingly rewarding. But at the same time it can be anything but 'life as usual'.

Daniel Panetta was a talented international child star. He tells his story and explains how his family dealt with, and also struggled with his fame and early music career.


What Daniel Discusses In This Interview

Early Career

Learn about Daniel's early life on stage and the unique life he led as a result.

Touring With Parents

Find out how Daniel's parents dealt with his being on the road at such an early age.

Highs And Lows

Find out about the high points as well as the low points of being a child star.

Industry Treatment

Lean how the music industry treated Daniel in his early career, and when it changed.

Failures and Successes

Find out some of the costly pitfalls he fell into as well as the successes they enjoyed.

Advice For Parents

Get some insights into how you as a parent can best support your talented child.
About The EXPERT

Daniel Panetta

Daniel Panetta has always been musically driven. He began singing, performing and playing a variety of instruments at a very young age. Throughout the course of his musical career, he has won the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. He performs all over the world, all the while continuing to write and record new music.

"[Panetta] is making waves in the entertainment industry with a jam packed schedule that includes stops in Montreal, US, and Italy" -UMM Magazine

Daniel is a classically trained vocalist with a 5-octave range. He has a deep love for virtually every style of music and has developed a unique capability to masterfully perform them in 6 different languages. He has been performing professionally since he was just 5, accounting for his incredible stage presence. It's no wonder he has created such a strong reputation in the industry.

Daniel has achieved so much in his young career. Some of the highlights include:

  • Performing for Prime Minister Harper and at the wedding of Ben and Jessica Mulroney
  • He is the youngest performer in 21 years, to command the main stage at the Beaches Jazz Festival in Toronto.
  • His acclaimed 90-minute performance left the audience of 5,000 mesmerized by his cocktail of Rock, Jazz and Soul.
  • He has performed all across Canada including shows in Montreal for 18,000 spectators, in Ottawa for 10,000 fans and in Toronto for over 25,000 people.
  • He performed in 2 concerts in Italy with 1.2 Million TV viewers and a 25,000 seated crowd.​

These are just to name a few.

​His passion for music has allowed him to advocate for Anti- Bullying and has performed for students and tell his own personal story to help bring hope and motivation to all ages.

We live in an era when quality live performance is again at the forefront of the entertainment industry. That's why the extraordinarily talented Daniel Panetta continues to be thrust into the spotlight - a place he fully deserves to be.

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