How Can I Make My Stage Show Engaging and Dynamic?

  • Amy Wolter
  • Tom Jackson Productions
  • Live Music Producer
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The most important aspect of your live performances is not always your musical skills. It is often how you connect with your audience. It is how you move them through a variety of emotions and leave them wanting more. 

In this video, Live Music Producer, Amy Wolter, offers dozens of tips on how to dramatically improve your live show and make it an event worth remembering! 


Tips And Advice Amy Shares In This Video

Live Music Producer

What is a live music producer and who would benefit from hiring one?

Stand Out From The Pack

Learn how you, even as a solo artist, can stand out from the endless sea of other acts.

Stage Mistakes

Discover mistakes artists make that cost them a deeper audience connection.

Building A Strong Set List

Understand the importance of having a set list that takes your audience on a journey. 

Stage Transitions

Learn how to make transitions on stage completely seemless without losing the continuity of your show.


Learn how to make use rehearsals to master every aspect of your show.


About The EXPERT

Amy Wolter

Amy Wolter has been a Live Music Producer with Tom Jackson Productions for over twelve years. Her work with numerous signed and indie artists during that time has given her the opportunity to effect the live shows of performers on stage in front of millions of people.

Artists Amy has worked with over the years include Grammy, Dove & other award winners such as The Band Perry, LeCrae, Gloriana, Thompson Square, Sidewalk Prophets, Nikki’s Wives, Chad Brownlee, The Stellas, Francesca Battistelli, and more. She has helped prepare artists in nearly every genre for major international tours, showcases, video shoots, The Voice & American Idol auditions, and even nationally televised TV specials.

As a performer, Amy has filled the roles of keyboardist, soloist, and lead singer in coffeehouses, concert halls, and festival stages. During her years as lead singer in the rock band Fighter (Word), her songwriting skills earned the band several top 10 CCM hits. Ending a successful 7-year run in front of an audience of 110,000 in Sao Paulo Brazil, she followed this with a solo album, recording with band members from Prince’s New Power Generation.

Amy offers her years of experience onstage to singers and bands who won’t settle for “good enough,” working hard to stay true to and enhance who the artist is, while giving them the confidence and tools to become pros onstage.

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