How Do I Overcome Stage Fright Or Performance Anxiety?

  • R.L. Read, aka
    Rock’n Rev. Rhonda
  • Artist, Mentor
  • Theater, Film
    Holds 4 Degrees 
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For some, being a talented artist who has stage fright can be very disheartening. After all, many artists draw their energy, passion and drive from performing in front of live audiences. 

In this video, R.L. Read offers numerous ways to deal with stage fright and other related challenges that prevent artists from moving forward.

Vital Insights And Advice  R.L. Shares In This Video

Cause Of Stage Fright

Learn the root casuse of stage fright and potential responses.


Learn some routines and exercises that you can use to prevent stage fright.


Learn how to get rid of the negative self talk that just makes you more nervous.


Find out how to deal with the jitters you get when auditioning for a gig.

Who Gets Nervous?

You're in good company. Many stars  get extremely nervous before hitting the stage.


Learn how your surroundings - the lights, sounds etc. can affect your nervousness.
About The EXPERT

R.L Read

R.L. celebrates 40+ dynamic years as performance artist/mentor/writer thru extensive experience in theatre, film, writing & music; locally & internationally.

Subsequent to Hon. BMus McMaster University, R.L. studied Engineering & Production @ Harris Institute for Arts, Toronto. In NYC, she attended Nat'l Improv Theatre School, & studied privately w/Thomas Parisi, AAMDA, & Broadway director, Michael Shurtleff, CDC. In 2013, she earned an MSc Music Psych (Roehampton, London, UK), & Mentor Artist Educator Certification, Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto. She is a certified Music Care-worker (palliative), Room & Heart-math coach.

Career focus is providing mentorship, teaching & counselling services internationally, using the arts. Specialist in using music (psychology) in grief coping/resiliency, & in commercial/workplace environments. Interested in music therapy/experience for deaf R&D. Aye Lighthouse Foundation 2005, was founded to source music therapy R&D funding for hearing/sight deficit children.

R.L. has coached vocal music, taught drama, industry business, music psych & writing. She has adjudicated cross-genre talent & writing contests nationally, provincially & locally. RL is a registered career counsellor for youth, Ontario Registry of Educators/Entrepreneurs, & in 2017 was nominated student mentor of the year w/ Roehampton University. Ontario Culture retained her as a “human book” for cultural tourism 2012.

R.L. has participated as a vocalist/instrumentalist with many bands culminating towards various recording deals. Currently, she plays percussion and sings with Soul Revival; a 9 piece all-star, funk-soul project.

Offices/Pro Affiliations:
President, SABBA, Stratford, ON
Past Sgt.-at-Arms, Rotary Stratford
Past President, Inner Wheel, Cobourg, ON
Past International Senate Member, Roehampton University
Past National Awards Chair & Branch President, Canadian Authors Association
ACTRA Safety Co-chair, Former ACTRA Counsellor
ACTRA, CAEA, Union Des Artistes

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