How Does a Spoken Word Artist Build A Career?

  • Jastin Artis
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Spoken Word is a very popular form of poetic entertainment. There are many venue that have Spoken Word nights. However, it is not yet mainstream enough for venues to offer it excusively. So how can a Spoken Word Artist make a living?

In this video, Jastin Artis shares some insight into the world of Spoken Word, and explains how to build a solid income as a spoken word artist.

Insights Jastin Shares In This Video

What Is Spoken Word?

Learn what Spoken Word poetry is.

Spoken Word vs. Rap

Jastin explains the difference between Spoken Word and rapping. 

Making Money

Jasin talks about how many Spolen Word artists make their money. 


Learn how many Spoken Word artists record and sell their works.

Hobby or Industry?

Learn how big the spoken word industry is getting. 


Jastin discusses how many learn how to be good at Spoken Word poetry.
About The EXPERT

Jastin Artis

Gold-certified engineer, and artist, Jastin Artis, is bilingual in “producer” and “c-suite” lingo with over a decade of progressive experience in the music industry. Jastin Artis is an industry dot-connector and celebrated creative with a reputation for utilizing creativity and a "whatever it takes" attitude to lead big ideas from development to execution.

Based in the Washington DC Metro Area Jastin bridges the gaps and brings you the answers you didn’t know you were looking for. Jastin is continually pushing the envelope, whether it’s personal development, business development, his music career, or cultivating fellow artists' success. He rises and finds excitement in challenges, not backing down from them. He is married and a father of two boys who embodies a dad's trait that is about impact and legacy.

Artis is self-taught in nearly all areas of music starting as a songwriter, guitarist, producer, then engineer, to becoming an artist himself. He never considered himself a recording artist, but his faith led him to create a genre he describes as Hip-Hop Renaissance that fuses Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Spoken word typically centering around his soulful acoustic and lead guitar playing.

Along with his student mentality, where he is continuously learning new information and techniques, he’s earned an MS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, and a BA in English with a focus on writing at HBCU, NC A&T State University. His background is a striking landscape still advancing.

Jastin has worked with a veritable menagerie of top talent at boutique music firms while also serving as a mentor and teacher to the next generation of creative leaders. Jastin, the hybrid music professional, accelerated his career in January 2022 with Estabrook Road Records, as Senior A&R.

His focus has pivoted like most during the COVID-19 pandemic and near recession to teaching leadership through music. This doesn’t stop him from creating his soon-to-be 10th album Love in Darkness II but allows him to fully develop his new subscription-based service A&R IN YOUR POCKET, a personal A&R service to help support emerging artists.

Then, merging his love for performance and speaking career advocating for emerging music artists, music professionals, or professionals overall. He continues to pursue sync licensing as a creator and potential music supervisor as he also builds a career in live streaming partnering with the BestBees Agency #BestBees.

Jastin Artis is elated for his future in music as a Black creative and executive teaching leadership through music being the bridge to where you want to be.

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