How Do I Use My Music to Affect Social Change?

  • Simon Tam
  • Founder of
    The Slants
  • The Slants Foundation
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Have you ever wondered how you can use your music to support your favorite causes or charities? 

In this video, Simon Tam, the founder of The Slants and The Slants Foundation, talks about how to use  both your music and your influence to affect social change.


Advice & Info Simon Shares In This Video

Affecting Social Change

What does it mean to use your music to affect social change?


Find out why staying true to yourself and your convictions is critical. 

Ways To Proceed

Find out the various ways you can use your music and influence to affect social change.

Working With A Nonprofit

Explore working with a nonprofit that champions the same cause(s) you do.


Learn to use the influence you have attained as an artist to make the world a better place.

The Slant Foundation

Find out how Foundation helps artists use their music to affect social change.
About The EXPERT

Simon Tam

As the recipient of the Mark T. Banner award from the American Bar Association and the Hugh M Hefner First Amendment Award, Simon Tam may be best known for winning a landmark case at the Supreme Court of the United States in 2017. The case (Matal v. Tam) was named Milestone Case of the Year from Managing IP Magazine. His memoir, Slanted: How an Asian American Troublemaker Took on the Supreme Court was named "One of the Best Books on the Constitution of All Time" by BookAuthority and won an award for Best Autobiography/Memoir from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Simon’s work in arts and activism has been highlighted in thousands of media features across 129 countries, including: The New York Times, the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, NPR, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He is the founder and bassist of The Slants, one of the first all-Asian American dance rock bands in the world. He is also a co-founder of The Slants Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible for arts, activism, and civic engagement, and CPOC MUSIC, the first music business conference for artists of Color. Currently, he serves as Director of Marketing & Communication at StriveTogether, a nonprofit that is building a world where a child’s potential isn’t dictated by race, ethnicity, zip code or circumstance.

He has appeared at thousands of events across four continents as a keynote speaker, including TEDx, SXSW, Comic-Con, and INTA. Each year Simon speaks to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and many of the world's top leaders in law, entertainment, and education. He holds a world record for TEDx stage appearances and coaches numerous TED presenters.

Simon regularly consults world leaders and major organizations on policies related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, including Google, Amazon, Meta/Facebook, Pixar, and Verizon. In 2016, Simon joined President Barack Obama, George Takei, Jeremy Lin, and other celebrities in the #ActToChange campaign to fight bullying. Simon has also worked with other music icons such as Jay Z, Killer Mike, and Chance the Rapper on legislative efforts to protect artistic expression.

Simon believes that apathy is not compatible with love. His passion for ideas that combine arts and activism is evident in all of his work, from his music to his writing. He works to change the culture by transforming systems with an equity framework, all while holding down harmony and rhythm on the bass guitar.

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