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Selling merch like t-shirts, stickers, CDs etc. is a vital part of a live band's income. There are a lot of things to consider when you're deciding what merch to sell. Doing it right and following the tips of experts can more than double what you're currently bringing in from merch sales!

In this video, veteran merch salesman, Chris Dunnett shares dozens of tips for choosing the right merch, pricing it right and maximizing each sale for the highest profit.


Money-Making Information Chris Shares In This Video

Mistakes Artists Make

Find out what the biggest mistakes are that artists make when selling merch. 

Gauging Your Sales

Learn how to measure your income per show attendee so you make smart decisions.

Choosing Merch

Find out how to choose the perfect merch with the highest ROI for your fans.


Learn valuable pricing strategies that are quite unique to the concert business.


learn how to upsell your fans so they buy more merchandise from you.


Learn how employing some gimmicks can help your bottom line!

This Is An In-Depth Interview With Dozens More Valuable Tips!

About The EXPERT

Chris Dunnett

Chris is an accomplished songwriter, composer, guitarist, producer, artist and guitar teacher. He is also an expert on merch sales, having sold merch for countless major and indie artists over the past almost 40 years.

As a song-writer, Chris has studied the art and craft of such writers as Desmond Child, Dianne Warren, and Jim Steinman and has studied directly with such hit writers as Jason Blume, Ralph Murphy, Steve Seskin, Brian White and others. His song-writing style covers Modern Country, Rock, and Pop while his instrumental compositional skills also cover a wide range of World Beat and Ethnic styles such as Flamenco, Latin, Middle-Eastern, Gypsy, Celtic, and Asian modalities.

As a composer, Chris has had numerous songs in film & T.V. (America’s Got Talent, Let’s Make A Deal, Beach Patrol, Nitro Circus, MTV, Clean House, Amexicano and others). He also has 2 solo CDs out of Flamenco-based World Fusion, “El Samuraichi” & “Higher Glyphics” as well as a live CD that has original songs and covers that range from Eiffel 65 to Metallica.

As a guitar player, Chris has performed with Bootsy Collins, hit song-writer, Anthony Smith, and jammed with Lita Ford. He can play a very wide range of styles ranging from Rock, Pop, Modern Country, Metal, Flamenco, Gypsy, Celtic, and other World/Ethnic styles. He is versed in both electric and acoustic and is very much at home with a pick or fingerstyle.

As a Performing Artist, Chris has 3 solo CDs out on his own label, Baroquen Records and performs solo instrumentally, in duo’s with vocalists, and whatever band projects he’s involved with.  As a solo artist Chris performs at festivals, private parties/events, restaurants, house concerts, and workshops. He has performed for The Federal Bar Association, The EPA, and twice at an International guitar festival in Zihuatanejo, Mexico where he was among 22 artists chosen out of over 250. Chris is available for private parties, festivals, events, and house concerts.

As a guitar teacher, Chris has taught for over 30 years professionally all ages from 4 to retired seniors. He has had students go on to sign major label recording deals and graduate from such prestigious schools as Berklee and G.I.T. He has also taught summer school Rock camps including one sponsored by Bootsy Collins. He teachers privately and is also available for online lessons via Skype.

Chris has produced numerous guitar courses as well as Rock You Merch his online bootcamp for increasing your merch sales.

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