How Can I Get Money Now Against My Future Royalties? 

  • Peter Harvey
  • CEO
  • Royfi
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A relatively new service on the market is royalty advances. This services offers lump sum payments to artists, songwriters and publishers who are currently  collecting royalties from their interlectual propoerty.  It enables the collector to access their cash without having to wait for the payments to actually arrive. 

In this video, Peter Harvey, the CEO of one of these royaltu advance companies, explains how the process works so you can deter,ine if it's right for you.


Facts And Advice Peter Shares In This Video

Royalty Advances

Learn what it means to get a royalty advance.


Find out if you qualify for a royalty advance from Royfi.


Learn the typical terms of a royalty advance and how it differes from a loan.

Red Flags

Learn how to determine if a royalty advance company will take advantage of you.

Situation Alters

Find out what happens when you can't pay the advance back to Royfi

Your IP

Find out if you would risk losing your copyrights and masters with an advance.
About The EXPERT

Peter Harvey

A native New YPeter Harvey is the Co-Founder and CEO of RoyFi Inc., a fintech company that partners with distributors/publishers/labels/societies to provide flexible financial solutions to rights-holders. RoyFi believes that creatives deserve access to the same financial resources as other businesses, and is committed to providing its clients with the lowest rates and most transparent terms in the industry.

Prior to Co-Founding RoyFi, Mr. Harvey was a Consultant and Head of Research at Capital Cities, LLC, of Indianapolis, Indiana, where his primary responsibilities included leading research for >$30 billion of public and private retirement plans, endowments, university operating funds, foundations and wealthy families; conducting investment manager due diligence and ongoing monitoring (such as a dedicated healthcare royalty investment); performing primary economic and capital market research.

Prior to joining Capital Cities, Mr. Harvey was a Portfolio Manager and Investment Analyst for a >$5 billion single-family-office where he developed their global-macro-multi-asset allocation and led all investment manager searches, due diligence, and monitoring. Mr. Harvey also led the education and implementation process of expanding the family’s asset allocation into alternative investments, in addition to broadly expanding their traditional asset class portfolio. Mr. Harvey started his career as an analyst at a value-oriented buy-side equity investment manager, where he worked on the International, Emerging Markets and Global Value products.

Mr. Harvey earned his A.B. Economics; M.B.A. with concentrations in Finance and Marketing, from Rollins College. In his spare time, Mr. Harvey is an avid cyclist, golfer, and philanthropist; raising money to support First Descents through his annual participation in the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race.

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