Should I Hire A Radio Promoter?

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Being heard on serious radio is harder than ever to achieve. For many stations it's impossible unless you're on a major label.  So does it make sense for you to hire a radio promoter? 

In this video, indie radio host and station owner, Gerg Anidem gives us insights into if and when it's smart to hire a radio promoter.


Valuable Information Gerg Shares In This Video

Radio Promoters

What you need to know about radio promoters to make an informed decision.

How Promoters Work

It's important to know exactly how promoters work to get your music out.

Indie Stations

Gerg touches on how he gets a lot of the music he plays on his show.

Radio Distributors

Gerg weighs in on the value of online radio distribution services.

Know Your Market

Know who you want to reach and where they are located. 

Access & Relationships

Success is often the result of relationships between promoters and program directors.
About The EXPERT

Gerg Anidem

Gerg Anidem founded, created and currently operates what has become a very popular "multi-genre" internet radio station, Indie Scene Radio, which has attracted over 1.2 million listeners over the last two years. Featuring music by both signed and unsigned independent artists from around the globe, he is dedicated to discovering and promoting what he feels is, the very best the independent music industry has to offer. Indie Scene Radio - All Indie All The Time.

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