What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Producer

  • Alex Bowers
  • Music Producer

  • Mix Engineer

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There are countless ways that bad apples take advantage of unsuspecting artists. One of the worst areas is in production, where producers overcharge, steal your intellectual property and much more 

In this video Alex Bowers shares some quick tips on avoiding a music producer who might take advantage of you.

* We have two videos on this subject, the other one by Fett. It's critical that you watch both to know how to protect yourself! *


Vital Advice Alex Shares In This Video


Learn what price range your production should be in. Don't over-pay!

Production Agreement

Get an understanding of the importance of having a strong producer agreement.

Terms Of The Agreement

Understand the basic terms outlined in a producer agreement.


Understand what 'points' are, what they will cost you in the long run and when it's OK to give them to your producer.


Learn the value and importance of having a pre-production meeting and whether you should be charged for that.

Sharing Credits

Find out when it's apprpriate to share the copyright of your songs or masters vs. when you are being ripped off!
About The EXPERT

Alex Bowers

Alex Bowers a producer and engineer, a music director, a live and session musician located in Los Angeles. "I have been able to program shows for people, play shows, and I’ve been fortunate to share the studio and the stage with some awesome artists and musicians."

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