How Should I Prepare My Tracks To Hand Off To A Mix Engineer?

  • Ignacio 'Nacho' Molino
  • Music Producer

  • Grammy-Winning Mix Engineer

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You've recorded the perfect song or album. You did take after take until you finally got everything exactly how you want it. Now it's time to hand it over to a mix engineer. You want your engineer to be able to effortlessly make his or her magic! That comes with preparation!

In this video, 2X Grammy and 3X Latin Grammy winning mixing Engineer, Ignacio “Nacho” Molino shares how artists should prepare their tracks to make their mix engineer’s job easier, less costly and more effective.

Helpful Advice Nacho Shares In This Video


Learn some of the issues artists have when handing their tracks over to an engineer.

What A Mix Is

Understand exactly what a mix is and why it's critical to your recording.

"Fix It In The Mix"

Find out if 'fixing it in the mix' is always possible or just wishful thinking.

Keeping Costs Low

Learn how to make your mix engineer's job easy so your cost is low. 

Reference Music

Find out what reference music is and when it's a good idea to have it. 


Discover the most common mistakes artist make that makes you more difficult to mix.
About The EXPERT

Ignacio 'Nacho' Molino

Nacho is a Producer and Engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Born on February 8th, 1981. Begins piano lessons at 4 and learns to play guitar at 15. Later on he gets to play with legendary bands in Panama such as Libertad Perdida, Rencilla and Cabeza de Martillo. Being an active member of the panamanian rock scene as an engineer, Ignacio is awarded in the PanamaRock Awards for his work on “Pies de Loto” from Rencilla as Best Heavy Rock Album in 2004 and “Solo los Fuertes Sobreviven” in 2007. Album of the Year on “Agenda” from the band Factor VIII, Album of the Year for “Kamikaze” from los Rabanes (2007), Song of the Year for Filtro Medusa’s “Angel Eterno”.

In 2007 he does engineer assistant to engineer Orlando Vitto and producer Sebastian Krys for the album “Kamikaze” of Los Rabanes. This album is awarded with “Best Rock Vocal Album” in 2007 Latin Grammys. In 2010 Ignacio is hired to record a live performance in the Panama Jazz Festival. The performance includes big Jazz names as Danilo Perez, John and Tom Patitucci, Terry Lynn Carrington, Jamey Haddad, Joe Lovano and Liz Wright. In 2013 he records, edits, post produces and mixes Omar Alfanno’s Live Concert DVD “De Panama para el Mundo”. The live concert DVD features the songwriters most known hits.

In 2015, Ignacio is awarded with his first Latin Grammy for his work on Ruben Blades album “Son de Panama” as “Best Salsa Album”. “Son de Panama” also gets nominated in the Latin Grammys for “Album of the Year”. With this same album Ignacio is awarded his also first Grammy in 2016 for “Best Tropical Latin Album”. In 2017, Ignacio is awarded with 2 more Latin Grammys for his work on Ruben Blades “Salsa Big Band” Album.

The album is awarded for “Best Salsa Album” and “Album of the Year” in the Latin Grammys. This same year, Ignacio is Nominated for “Recording of the Year” for his work on “La Flor de la Canela” on the Album “Achabuca”. “Salsa Big Band” also gets Ignacio his 2nd Grammy in 2018 for this same album as “Best Tropical Latin Album”.

In 2020 Ignacio gets three more nominations for the Latin Grammys with Carlos Vives “Cumbiana”, Carlos Vives and Ruben Blades “Canción Para Ruben” and Orquesta Failde with the album “Failde Con Tumba’o”. In his more than 18 years of professional engineering, Ignacio “Nacho” Molino has worked with artists such as CJ Ramone, Ruben Blades, Carlos Vives, Gente de Zona, Pacific Broders, Los Rabanes, Joan Manuel Serrat, Omar Alfanno, Diego Torres, Tony Vega, Pedro Arroyo, Luis Enrique, Angel Lopez, Rod Richards from Rare Earth and many more.

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