How Can I Get Booked At Festivals?

  • Melinda Ebert
  • Artist Developer
  • Festival Organizer
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Festivals can be quite instrumental in boosting an artist's notoriety and credibility, as well as growing their fan base. But getting these coveted gigs can be a tough task given the extreme demand for those slots. 

In this video, Veteran festival organizer, Melinda Ebert, explains what festivals look for, how to apply to perform at them and how to improve your chances of getting the gig.


Information On Festivals Melinda Shares In This Interview

Various Festivals

Discover the large # of festivals that many artists never even consider. 

The Approach

Find out the best way to approach the entertainment buyer for a festival.

What Festivals Seek

Learn what most festivals look for in the artists they hire.


Learn what the most common mistakes are that artists make when pitching themselves.

Get The Most From It

Melinda shares critical insights into maximizing your festival appearance, going far beyonw what pay, if any, you receive.

Important Insights

Learn valuable things artists need to know about pitching to and playing festivals.
About The EXPERT

Melinda Ebert

Melinda Ebert is a team builder, big picture visionary, event organizer, and bridge.  Having organized a large number of festivals and events around the United States over the past 13 years, she believes that when people find confidence and encouragement in their true gifts, the perfect career and inspiration for life can be found and fostered into something amazing! Melinda specializes in planning events that unite community groups that may not normally find each other or work together creating a bond in the community that didn’t exist before.  Uniting industries through live interactive events fosters people working together, getting past the handshake relationship and growing deeper into a working relationship showcasing the talents of all parties involved.

Melinda is also a seasoned artist developer.

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