How Can I Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Grow My Career?

  • Nick Caster
  • Producer
  • Founder -
    NC1 Agency
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Effective marketing is the key to success for any business. This definitely includes the music industry. However, many artists have no idea how market themselves using online ads, even though it can be extremely lucrative when done right. 

In this video, producer/songwriter/artist developer, Nick Caster explains the value of using pay-per-click advertising to market your music and gigs.


Marketing Tips Nick Shares In This Video

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Learn exactly what pay-per-click ads are and how they work.

What To Market

Learn exactly what you can effectively market throgh pay-per-click ads.


Learn what to budget for a song or album release.


Find out what your return on investment could be with a well-placed ad.

Target Marketing

Learn how to target specific markets that you believe will like your music or show.


Learn the steps you should take in planning an ad campaign.
About The EXPERT

Nick Caster

Nick Caster is an American Businessman, focused on the creation and development of emerging markets in Renewable Energy, Custom Military Fabrication, B2B/B2C products and steel structures.

Nick is a former Producer, Songwriter that now specializes in selective Artist and business development. Through the years Nick has had multiple Billboard & iTunes Top 10 placements in Rock, Electronic, Pop and Christian music. He has been an artist and ghost writer for others that now sits on the Board Of Directors for the House Music Awards and CEO of NC1 Agency.

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