How Can I Overcome My Fears And Express Myself Authentically?

  • Megan Wren
  • Creative Intuition Coach 
  • Multimedia Performance Artist 
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Everyone gets creatively stuck. Some people also fear sharing too much of themselves to the public.

In this video, Megan Wren, a creative intuition coach and multimedia performing artist, discusses the importance of authenticity for artists.  Megan provides insights on overcoming these fears and shares techniques to stimulate creativity, such as movement. She also provides  tips on preparing for a writing session, including taking care of oneself and grounding before entering a creative space.


Insights & Advice  Megan Shares In This Video


Learn what it means to be authentic and why it's so important.


Understand what causes the fears that block our ability to be authentic.


Learn powerful tools to help you get into your most free and creative state of mind.


Learn if and when you might consider hiring a creative coach.


Learn how to be be creative and authentic in a group environment.


Learn some tips for cowriting that will enable you to be a better partner.
About The EXPERT

Megan Wren

Megan is a Creative Intuition Coach. She provides artists and other creatives with tools and resources on how they can enhance their self knowledge, trust their intuition, overcome their fears, and tap into their inner wisdom to activate their authentic creative expression. 

Megan moved to California almost 10 years ago from Cleveland, OH in pursuit of living a healthier lifestyle. Before moving, she received her bachelors degree in Exercise Science, becoming an ACSM Exercise Physiologist, and later a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Along the journey, she stumbled into her greatest passion...writing.  And one of her greatest joys...performing her writing. Whether its lyrics with a piano, or poems with with her pen, you won't find her far from a notebook at all times! 

Over the past 10 years she has explored many different alternative health practices from yoga and meditation, to nature and art therapy that really helped her to learn, love, and trust herself on a deep level. After getting involved in the music industry in 2021, she naturally created a clientele of professional musicians, singers, writers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs empowering them with the strategies, and resources to amplify their creative gifts and make a profound impact on their clientele and audience.

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