How Can I Succeed In A Genre That’s Not Mainstream?

  • KC Cozart

    Keith Bradford
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    Radio Station Owner
  • Guitar - Producer

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Not everyone can fit neatly into a pre-defined musical box. If you're creative and love multiple styles of music, you might find yourself crossing genres and creating a new, unique sound. Then the challenge becomes finding an audience that appreciates that new , non-mainstream sound.

In this video, Newgrass star KC Cozart, joins with Keith Bradford, the founder of the label that signed him. Together thy explain what it takes to forge a path in a non-mainstream genre.


Tips And Advice KC and Keith Share In This Video

Taking The Risk

Find out how much of a risk you're taking being a trailblazer.


Learn what it took to be accepted by the  general public.

What To Be Aware Of

Learn what you need to be aware of when you deviate from what is generally accepted.


Find out how KC and Keith dealt with the negativity that was thrown their way.


Find out what the secret to marketing this new style of music was.


Discover the benefits of being innovative and setting yourself up as a trainblazer.
About The EXPERT

KC Cozart

KC started playing professionally in 1984 with various Country Artists and groups as Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, Actor and Stand-Up Comedian. Throughout the years playing with well known Country and Bluegrass Artists, playing on hundreds of sessions. he was considered one of the best acoustic guitarists around. He is also a well as well known lead guitarist and plays other instruments as well. He works as both a Producer and an Engineer.

NewGrass Review was formed by KC bringing his Bluegrass and Country roots together to form the award winning group. The group earned 2 Platinum and 3 Gold Albums for airplay, and was named the 2004 Arizen Group of the year. Still performing and touring, the group has added some new excitement to the shows (but we won't reveal it here you'll have to come to the show). Also in the works is the new album "Untouched" and KC's newest one, 'Acoustic Dreamland', given this name because there will be no tuning on the vocals! There maybe some reverb here and there, but the album relies on talent and realism.

KC has some surprises for everyone at this time as well as the new touring season so come back and watch for upcoming shows for KC & NewGrass Review. Booking can be done through e-mail: Attn: Keith Bradford, or

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About The EXPERT

Keith Bradford

Keith Bradford, 2005 Honorary inductee in the Rhode Island Country Music Hall of Fame, is still active in Nashville, long after Opryland where he started, closed. One of the finest shows you could enjoy at Opryland USA when it was going strong was Country Music USA. The show traced country music through the years and included many of its various styles. Each year auditions were held around the country to find talented young musicians for its cast. Rhode Islander, Bradford won his audition and was a cast member from 1977 through 1980.

Keith’s Talents Shine In The Stars He Portrays

The show was updated each year to include the music of that year’s country music stars, so you would see a slightly different show each year. Keith’s talents shown through as he portrayed many of the greats in country music—A. P. Carter in the Carter Family segment—Ernest Tubb in “Walking The Floor Over You”—Roy Acuff in “The Wabash Cannonball” — Willie Nelson in “Georgia On My Mind” and Earl Scruggs in the group Flatt & Scruggs. Keith also played the part of the great Red Foley and Merle Haggard and his voice was heard in some of the show’s historical narrations. “I truly believe that anyone young and wishing to become known in country music circles should spend no less than two years working in the cast of [a show such as] Country Music USA at Opryland”, Bradford says,. “The training is the best, and so is the exposure.” A couple of souvenir LP albums of these shows were made over the years and these were produced by the great Porter Wagoner.

Queen of Country Music Picks Bradford To Lead Her Family Band

From his experience performing in this show, Keith went on to become the leader of the Tennessee Mountain Boys which traveled and backed up the Queen of Country Music, Kitty Wells, her husband Johnny Wright and their son, Bobby. Keith played bass in the band and MC’d their shows for over 16 years. With the Kitty Wells Family show now in retirement, Keith and his wife own and operate KMA Records in Nashville and produce lots of traditional country music stars, including RI’s Cindy Lane Adams and Roger Glenn Miller. Their music is distributed around the world. Besides his RI award, Bradford also has two Billboard charted records to his credit—“Lonely People” written by Providence, RI’s Jimmie Crane and “Lonely Comin’ Down” written by Porter Wagoner.

Keith has over 500 songs to his credit as songwriter which makes Keith one of the few Country songwriters in history to have written that many songs with various songwriters including Barbara Blevins, Clyde R Birkla and various other professional songwriters worldwide.

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