Networking In Nashville

  • Vinny Ribas
  • CEO - Indie Connect
    Former Booking Agent
  • Founder of Cartne
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Every week, hundreds and sometimes thousands of aspiring artists and songwriters move to Nashville to take their shot. Many have unbelievable talent. But what soon find out is that talent is not enough. The Nashville music industry is based on trusted relationships. Besides being 'seen', building trusted relationships has to be your primary goal.

In this in-depth workshop video from 2020, Indie Connect and Cartne founder, Vinny Ribas explains how to get plugged into the Nashville music industry.


Tips And Advice Vinny Shares In These 3 Videos

Networking Essentials

Before you begin networking, there are some essentials tools you need to have.

Elevator Pitch

Learn how to crafta 20-secong commercial for yourself to use when networking.

Networking Events

Learn about the many industry networking events happening daily in Nashville.


Learnabout the organizations you might want to join to make connections.

Industry Events

Find out the many industry events happening weekly and how to find them.

Finding Musicians

Find out the best ways to locate musicians to work with. 


About The EXPERT

Vinny Ribas

Vinny is an artist manager and consultant. He is the founder of Indie Connect and Cartne. He is also a co-author of the #1 best seller, ‘LEVERAGE: Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got’ and author of  ‘CEO Secrets‘, He has hundreds of published business and music industry articles, books and eBooks.

In his 55+ years in the business, Vinny has also been a full-time performing artist, a booking agent, the Entertainment Director of the NV State Fair, a producer, a studio owner, a band leader and a songwriter (to name a few).

Outside of the music business, Vinny is an executive coach, strategic business consultant and business plan writer. He advises entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to set their businesses up to grow without limits. This includes clarifying and solidifying their plans and strategies. He helps develop their complete and accurate business plans and assist in implementing them.

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