Do I Need A Record Label?

  • Vinny Ribas
  • CEO - Indie Connect
    Former FT Artist
  • Founder - Cartne
    Artist Manager
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Many artists dream of getting a record label deal. And of course, signing a good seal with the right label can be life-changing. However, signing with a label isn't always the best thing for everyone. There are many pros and cons to signing as well as to remaining an independent artist. In addition, there are many unscrupulous labels that take advantage of starry-eyed artists.

In this video, artist manager and former booking agent, Vinny Ribas explains the advantages of signing with a label and of remaining independent so you can make a wide decision regarding your career. 


Tips And Advice Vinny Shares In This Video

What Labels Do

Find out exactly what la abel does and doesn't do for you.


Learn the amount of control over your music & career you may need to trade to get a deal.

What You Can Do

Learn things you can do for yourself that in the past were only available with a deal.

Advantages of Signing A Good Record Deal

Learn the major advantages that come with signing a a good record label.

Advantages of Remaining  Independent

Learn the benefits of building your career as an independent artist.

Follow The Flow Of Money In Both Worlds

Learn how the moeny flows when a label is involved vs. when you're independent.

Vinny shares a lot more invaluable information!

About The EXPERT

Vinny Ribas

Vinny is an artist manager and consultant. He is the founder of Indie Connect and Cartne. He is also a co-author of the #1 best seller, ‘LEVERAGE: Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got’ and author of  ‘CEO Secrets‘, He has hundreds of published business and music industry articles, books and eBooks.

In his 55+ years in the business, Vinny has also been a full-time performing artist, a booking agent, the Entertainment Director of the NV State Fair, a producer, a studio owner, a band leader and a songwriter (to name a few).

Outside of the music business, Vinny is an executive coach, strategic business consultant and business plan writer. He advises entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to set their businesses up to grow without limits. This includes clarifying and solidifying their plans and strategies. He helps develop their complete and accurate business plans and assist in implementing them.

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