What Is Music Therapy And What Does A Music Therapist Do??

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Have you ever wanted in your heart to use your music to help and heal people? There are many ways to do that, such as volunteering to play at senior living facilities. Unfortunately, you can't build a career out of that kind of service. However, becoming a music therapist might be exactly what your calling is.

In this video, Jackie Macri, a certified Music Therapist, explains who music therapy helps, how it helps, what she does in that role and how you can get into it too. 

Insights Into Music Therapy That Jackie Shares In This Video

What Is Music Therapy?

Learn what music therapy is and how it is used to help people.

Typical Day

Jackie shares what her she does on a day-to-day basic as a music therapist.

The Environments

Learn the many kinds of paces where a music therapist can be emplyed.

Who Benefits

Learn who benefits the most from music therapy and why.

The Requirements

Find out what titakes to be a licensed music therapist.

The Path

Learn the exact path that you would take to become a licensed music therapst.
About The EXPERT

Jackie Macri

Jackie Macri's passion for music is exceeded only by her passion for bringing people joy -- through lessons, therapy, and live performance in the Greater Philadelphia area. A board-certified music therapist, Jackie brings an additional level of insight and sensitivity to her work with students, clients -- and audiences of all types.

Since getting her start in musical theater at New Jersey's acclaimed Papermill Playhouse during her childhood, Jackie has carved a unique niche in the music world -- starring in professional and local musical theater; leading dynamic music and theater workshops as well as instrumental lessons focused on the creative process.

Jackie has a Masters in Music Therapy from Immaculata University, as well as two Bachelors of Arts degrees in Music and Psychology from Lafayette College. Jackie works in the Philadelphia area as a music therapist serving hospitalized children and their families, and has worked in Assisted Living, Adult Psych, and as Adjunct Professor of Clinical Voice Studies and Music Technology at Immaculata University. She has presented research at music therapy conferences and is a published author (Music Therapy Perspectives). Jackie performs professionally as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist in the Philly area.


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