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It is critical that every songwriter know the ins and outs of how music publishing works if they want to make money. 

In this video, long time Nashville publisher, Steve Bloch gives us insight on how song publishing works and what songwriters need to know about the process.


Information Steve Shares In This Video

Music Publishing

Learn what the purpose and role of music publishing is.

Who Needs A Publisher?

Learn who does and who doesn't need a music publisher.


Understand the pros and cons of self-publishing your music. 

Contract Basics

Learn the basics of publishing contracts and red flags that may signal a bad deal.

Making Money

Find out how exactly publishers and songwriters make money from songs. 

Finding A Publisher

Learn how to find and pitch to reputable and music publishers. 
About The EXPERT

Steve Bloch

After a decade of success with his LA based talent agency, ENTERTAINMENT ASSOCIATES, Bloch segued into publishing and founded SOUTHERN COW MUSIC in 1991, and moved his headquarters to Nashville in '93.  His boutique publishing company garnered cuts with Faith Hill, Lee Ann Womack, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and Lee Greenwood.  In addition he secured cuts with Kenny Chesney, John Berry, and Lila McCann for select independent client/writers.

In the late 90's, he was hired by Doug Johnson, label head at GIANT RECORDS, to do independent A&R for the label where he generated cuts for Clay Walker, Keith Harling, and Blake Shelton.

In 2003, he co-founded WRITER ZONE MUSIC, LLC., a uniquely innovative publishing company.  Writers who came on board with a high level of past measurable success (#1 songs) share equity in the company.  Writer/Partners include Thom Schuyler (“16th Ave.”/Lacy J. Dalton), Rand Bishop (“My List”/Toby Keith) and Jon Robbin (“I Breathe In I Breathe Out”/Chris Cagle).

In 2009, Steve went on to once again listen for songs for Doug Johnson, who had become the Creative head of CURB RECORDS in 2003.

In early 2011, an official relationship between Steve Bloch and the innovative multi-faceted entertainment company, ARTIST AND REPERTOIRE, LLC, was designed.  Steve oversaw Publishing Relations for the company, strategically scheduling and promoting its writers and marketing the rich, deep A&R song catalog to the greater Nashville music community, until 2016 when the company shifted to management.

In October of 2011, Doug Johnson left Curb to become the creative head of BLACK RIVER ENTERTAINMENT, and once again reached out to Steve to assist him in finding the best material for his acts.

In 2013, Steve founded and began The "Lucky 13" Speed Pitch, an ongoing networking event that is still running to this day. You can read more about The Speed Pitch by going to the Events tab, or clicking here.

Steve currently speaks at songwriting conferences and universities, and is a frequent guest of the West Coast Songwriters Association, the Durango Songwriters Expo, the Arizona Songwriters Association, TAXI, and various SGA and NSAI events.

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