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In any band, someone needs to be in charge to ensure everything goes smoothly, both on and off stage. That is one of the jobs of a music director. Other responsibilities can also include planning rehearsals, getting charts made, producing click tracks and much more. 

Brendon Bennett discusses his role as a
professional music director and gives insight to this career path.

Info On Musical Directors (aka MD) Brendan Shares In This Video


Learn exactly what music director's main responsibilities are.

MD vs. Live Music Producer

Brendan shares the difference between these 2 roles employed by artists.

Process Working With
A New Artist

Learn the process of working with an artist  as their musical director for the 1st time.

Who Hires An MD

Learn who benefits the most from having an MD and who actually hires them.

Skills and Knowledge

Find out the skills and knowledge required to be an eddecive music director.


Learn whether it's possible for a person in the band to also be the music director.
About The EXPERT

Brendan Bennett

Brendan Bennett is a Music Director, Bassist and Producer of live/ recorded music from the United States.

He most notably worked in collaboration with the Black-Eyed Peas and Native American rock group Redbone to re-vitalize the 1974 classic “Come & Get Your Love” for the Inaugural Indigenous People’s Day Celebration in Los Angeles, a tradition which has continued since 2018. Bennett has been working with artists nationally and internationally to create thrilling stage performances for 15 years. Naturally picking up various useful skills along the way: Mix/Mastering, recording and live engineering are among some of these. Always a high performing student Bennett achieved AP credentials in music, language arts, psychology and anatomy - but always saw music as the most serious pursuit. He underwent classical studies for Upright Bass which included Big Band and Orchestra performance, where he won recognition in competitions before graduating high school - including the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in 2013. During this time Bennett’s corporate band project had established itself as one of the top rated cover bands in the Inland Empire. He attended both California State University Fullerton and Musicians Institute in Hollywood about a year each before continuing work full time in the industry.

Brendan has worked alongside Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth (under music director Rickey Minor),   Grammy-Winning gospel artist Vashawn Mitchell, Iranian superstar Hassan Sattar, the (formerly Oakland) Raiders, the Los Angeles Lakers ++ many independent artists/bands spanning most genres. Brendan has worked as Music Director & Bassist for artists under Quincy Jones Productions, Motown Records and Capitol Records. At the event you may find him next to the drums, armed with a five-string, a Moog Synth + likely a laptop running  A/V, lighting etc for the production… but in the months before showtime you will have to run into him during production sessions with the artists, management meetings, band rehearsal or setup/sound check for the event.

“Most people probably have no idea what a Music Director really is or does. Each gig is a full time job with no simpler description than to produce a Stellar performance… It's a good deal of engineering, sending emails and managing expectations through all the variables of live booking. We Create Memories. It's a lot more than just dropping some stems in your DAW and pressing spacebar.”  - Bennett.

In 2019 he was the Music Director for I AM KING: Michael Jackson Experience Tour to India, Composer for BAPS Los Angeles Diwali Celebration, and Music Director for the Opening Act @ The Hollywood Bowl- which has resumed in 2021 and 2022. Currently based in Nashville, you can find Bennett working to create music festivals internationally, as well as producing upcoming tour sets for various artists in Nashville, LA, ATL, and more.

You can find video reel and production examples + contact info @ https://linktr.ee/bbennettbass

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