Should I Get A Degree In Music?

  • Vince Wilcox Esq.
  • Artist
  • Entertainment Attorney
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There are countless ways to build a career in the music industry. Deciding the right path can often be a confusing task.  

In this video, Vince Wilcox, Esq. explains the many ways you can educate yourself on the workings of music industry and how to choose which one(s) is right for you. 

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What Vince Explains In This Video


Find out if a degree is necessary to be successful in the music industry

Who Needs A Degree

Learn Who benefits from getting a degree in music and who might not.


Discover numerous alternatives yto getting a degree inmusic.

Choosing Your College

Learn how to choose the right college or training program for your goals.


Discover the many benefits of formal education that you might not be aware of.

In-Person vs. Online

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of studying in person and online.
About The EXPERT

Vince Wilcox Esq.

Vince Wilcox is an entertainment attorney, assistant professor, and author. For the past four decades, he’s been active in virtually every aspect of the Nashville music scene, including serving as a label VP of marketing, VP of sales & distribution, general manager for an online publishing company, and co-founder of a successful artist & tour management company. Along the way, he spent five years writing, recording, and touring as an award-winning, chart-topping artist.

In addition to the video content he’s created for Cartne, Wilcox has authored two essential music business books:

How to Make a Living in the Music Business

A comprehensive, practical, hands-on text that answers hundreds of questions about Making & Marketing Records, Songwriting & Publishing, and Artist Management & Booking. It’s become an essential companion for the aspiring artist or music business executive.

CLICK HERE to read reviews and get your copy in paperback or Kindle format.

Introduction to Music Industry Law

A layperson’s guide to how the legal system works to protect the interests of songwriters, artists, labels, publishers, managers, and booking agents. This is an invaluable resource for anyone signing a contract or wanting to enforce their legal rights as an entertainer or music businessperson.

CLICK HERE to read reviews and to get your copy in paperback or Kindle format.

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