What Can I Expect When I Move To Nashville?

  • Sheyna Gee
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Nashville is a music town unlike any other on earth! Every week hundreds of  amazingly talented artists and songwriters go there to make their mark. However, your talent will only get you so far. navigating the industry takes some different skills that may be foreign to many.

In this video, Sheyna Gee explains what it takes to survive and thrive in Nashville’s ultra-competitive music industry. 


Valuable Experience That Sheyna Shares In This Video


Study the city before you get here so that you know what to expect.

Work Ethic

Learn the work ethic it takes to get work and eventually get 'noticed' by others.

Where The Money Is

Being a songwriter town, few artists get paid. It's important to know where the $ is.


Learn the importance of networking in the industry to make important connections.

Standing Out

Understand the value of finding a way to stand out from the vast sea of entertainers.


Find out the areas in which the industry is most competitive and where it's not. 

Sheyna Shares A Lot More Insights!

About The EXPERT

Sheyna Gee

Acclaimed country artist, Sheyna Gee has  performed for a US president, shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, performed on Broadway in New York, and was awarded LA Music award’s “best country single” and “best singer-songwriter” and silver in Young Arts “Female Singer” category.  before moving to Nashville in 2016. Since then, she's been touring the US and playing locally, adding up to 225-275 shows a year. She has also toured internationally.

Sheyna's unique voice, outstanding stage presence and strong songwriting have earned her the respect of the Nashville music industry and have helped her develop a loyal fanbase worldwide. You can keep up with her on TikTok, and hear her music on Spotify or Apple Music, where she releases new music every 6 weeks.


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