How Can I Identify, Engage And Monetize My Superfans?

  • Benji Rogers
  • Music Tech Entrepreneur
  • Verifi Media
    Lark 42
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As an independent artist, your primary job is to turn casual listeners into superfans. They almost all go through a process of discovery, intrigue and testing the waters before they commit to you. Once you move them to that last stage, they will start buying your merch, pre-saving or buying your music, show up to gigs and hopefully pay to join your fan club!

In this video, Benji Rogers (founder of Pledge Music) talks about superfans and how to identify, engage and monetize them.


Tips And Advice Benji Shares In This Video


Get insights on the kinds of technology you can use to develp superfans.

Social Media Challenges

Learn why it's important to own your fan's data and not rely on social media.

Funded By Fans

Benji explains how all music is, in one way or another, funded by fans.

Mailing List

Find out the importance of having a fan mailing list / newsletter!

Engagement Is Key

Passive listening to your music will never pay the bills!

Make No Assumptions

Never assume your fans would never pay for your music or join your fan club.
About The EXPERT

Benji Rogers

Benji Rogers is a British-born, New York-based, entrepreneur, technologist, and is the co-founder of multiple companies including Verifi.Media, Lark42, Radiary Creations & PledgeMusic the first direct-to-fan music platform to acquire 4.5mm users and 50k artists as its then CEO. PledgeMusic was listed in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2015.

Straddling the worlds of technology and music, Rogers sits on the board of and advises a range of tech and music companies on how to bridge the divide between their industries. Benji has been recognized on the Billboard 40 Under 40 list and Awarded Digital Executive of the Year.

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