How Can I Effectively Mix My Own Audio Tracks?

  • Bobby Owsinski
  • Music Producer
    Mix Engineer
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Nowadays, since the price of recording gear keeps getting to be less and less expensive, more artists are producing their own music. Of course, that's a great way to save money! Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to mix their music effectively.

In this interview, world-renowned engineer, Bobby Owsinski shares some valuable tips on mixing your own audio tracks.

Critical Advice Bobby Shares In This Video

Most Common Mistakes

Find out what the most common mistakes are that self-mixing artists make.

The Flow

Learn to make your 'ears fresh' for mixing instead of mixing right after recording.

Mix Engineers

Learn to determine if you would be better served hiring a professional mix engineer.


Learn how reputable producers line out the legal sides of producing an artist. 

Learning The Craft

Get some ideas of howyou can improve your mixing (and mastering) skills. 

Preparing Tracks 

Find out what you can do to make the job easier for your mix engineer. 

Plus A Lot More!

About The EXPERT

Bobby Owsinski

Bobby Owsinski is one of the best selling authors in the music industry with 24 books that are now staples in audio recording, music, and music business programs in colleges around the world, including The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook, Social Media Promotion For Musicians, Music 4.0: A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age and more.
He’s also a contributor to Forbes covering the new music business, his popular production and music industry blogs are nearing 50 million visits, and he’s appeared on CNN and ABC News as a music branding and audio expert. Bobby has worked on over a hundred surround projects and DVD productions for a variety of legendary superstar acts including The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, and Chicago among many others, and recently produced and mixed albums that appeared at #2 on the Billboard Blues Chart and #5 on the iTunes Rock Chart.

Bobby is also a popular presenter and lecturer at conferences and colleges around the world. Conference presentations include AES, NAMM, CES, TI:ME, and NAB, and school appearances include UCLA, USC, Bilkent University (Turkey), University of Alabama and University of Miami, among many others.

His popular Inner Circle podcast features a combination of the latest music industry and production news along with insightful interviews with movers and shakers from throughout the music world. Now in its either year with more than 400 episodes, the Podcast consistently ranks in the iTunes Top 200 with a 5 star rating.
Bobby has also authored some of the most popular courses for online learning portal, and his personal online courses include Top 40 Mixing Secrets, Music Mixing Accelerator, Music Mixing Primer, and Fully Booked, among others.

Visit Bobby's music production blog at, his music industry blog at, his Forbes blog at, his podcast at, his courses at, and his website below.

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