What is Metadata And Why Is It Important To Get It Right?

  • Ken Umezaki
  • CEO and Founder

  • Verifi Media

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You've written and/or recorded some amazing music. It's distributed to all of the major platforms and its all over your social media.  You're getting good traction. However, you're not seeing any money coming from it.  One major reason may be that your metadata, which is how your royalties are tracked, is either incomplete or wrong. 

In this video, Ken Umezaki, CEO of Verifi Media explains what metadata is and the importance of it being correct across all channels.

Vital Information Ken Shares In This Video

What Is Metadata?

Learn what metadata is as, how it works and how it relates to your music, videos etc.

Why Is It Important?

Learn how having incomplete, missing or  wrong metadata hurts you.

Who Needs It?

Find out who needs to ensure that their metadata is complete.

Metadata Tracking

Learn what royalty streams are tracked through your metadata

The Industry Challenge

Find out how the industry is dealing with pre-metadata challenges to ensure everyone is paid what they are rightfully due.

Settling Discrepancies

Learn how discrepancies in copyright ownership is being handled.

This is just a small sample of all the info Ken shares!

About The EXPERT

Ken Umezaki

Ken is the CEO and co-founder of Verifi Media. Verifi Media harmonizes media files with their metadata sets to facilitate faster global changes and multiparty communication. Learn more at www.verifi.media

Ken is an independent investor and business advisor for music startups and artists, through his company Digital Daruma, with a specific focus on artist facing music and media service companies. Digital Daruma has invested in numerous promising music startups over the decade. Digital Daruma has also made select direct investments in music artists and songs.

His past experience includes 25 years in financial services trading, asset management and senior management positions. He is also an experienced musician, and currently plays bass in the band Fifth of Bourbon. Lastly, he is involved in a number of music foundations and academic organizations, including serving on the board of Little Kids Rock, as well as advisory board position for programs at New York University and Berklee College of Music.


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