How Do I Make My Performances Engaging And Memorable?

  • Ant Glynne
  • Acclaimed Guitarist
    Taj Mahal
  • Rick Wakeman
    Mike Olfield 
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You can be a technically great musician, but if you don't know how to also be an entertainer, you'll miss out on the biggest opportunities.

Ant Glynne's credits include working with Rick Wakemen, Taj Mahal, Mike Oldfield, Albert Collins, Slash, Roger Chapman, Midnight Flyer and many others. In this video he  shares many of the performance tips and tricks he’s learned throughout his noteworthy career.


Performance Tips And Advice Ant Shares In This Video

Live Mistakes

Learn some of the serious performance mistakes to avoid.

Instrument Mastery

Learn how to use your instrument to inspire and entertain, not just play songs.

Getting Bored

Discover ways to keep your show interesting to yourself and the band.

Create Anticipation

Learn some tricks to keep your audience engaged and guessing! 

Live Show vs. CD

How similar or different should your live show be from your CD and why?

On Stage Adversity

Learn how to deal with unfortunate but inevitable mid-show circumstances.


About The EXPERT

Ant Glynne

Ant Glynne has played with Asia, Roger Chapman, Leo Sayer, Albert Collins and Rick Wakeman's 'English Rock Ensemble', to name a few. Ant has also worked as a demonstrator for Marshall guitar amplifiers, including playing a Marshall concert with Slash (of Guns'n'Roses fame). He has also demonstrated Fender guitars and amplifiers. In addition, he has played in several productions in London's West End.

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