What Are Some Of The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Artists Make?

  • Gina Donaldson
  • Artist Manager
  • Artist Consultant
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You're trying hard to get your name and music out there but nothing seems to be happening in your favor. It may be your approach.

In this video, artist manager and consultant, Gina Donaldson, explains some of the basic marketing mistakes that she’s seen artists make.


Quick Advice & observations Gina Shares In This Video

Social Media

Find out ways artists miss out when posting content on social media. 

Marketing Strategy

Learn the value and importance of developing a social media strategy. 

Contreversial Subjects

Discover when it is OK and when you should avoid discussing contrversial subjects.

Competitive Advantage

Know what makes you special and can help you stand out from the pack.


Find out how some artists miss the boat when trying to get on playlists.

Website and EPK

Find out why it's important for your website and EPK to look professional.
About The EXPERT

Gina Donaldson

Gina has been on Indie Connect's management and consulting team since 2017. She studied artist management through Berklee College of Music's online program and is a true student of the industry. She works directly with artists to help them in the areas of strategic planning, branding, marketing and booking.

Gina is also the founder of Fearless and Free Co., a motivational graphic tee shirt company.



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