How Can I Market My Original Songs?

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If you're a songwriter, chances are you dream of making money for your creations. To do this you can follow the traditional path of trying to get a publisher and hopefully then getting a cut. However, if you're ambitions you can take things into your own hands.

In this video, Nashville indie publisher, Bob Dellaposta explains how to start your own publishing company and market your songs successfully.


Information Bob Shares In This Video

Music Publishing

Learn why it's important to set up your own music publishing company.

Who Needs Songs?

Discover the scope of artists needing songs all around the world.

Making Money

Understand how you make money, especially when you're the marketer.

Finding Artists

Learn how to effectively find artists who are looking for original songs.

Who Else Needs Songs

Find out who else around the world needs or wants your original music.

Bucking The System

Learn the marketing approach that puts you in complete control of your music.
About The EXPERT

Bob Dellaposta

Bob is a professional songwriter, music publisher, musician, trumpet player for national group Medusa and BadaBing BadaBoom). He's a retired high school band director and choir director, and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Songwriting and Music Publishing at Nashville State Community College. He is an evaluator for the Nashville Songwriters Association, a teacher for Song U and the current president of the Nashville Publishers Network. He is the owner of My Three Kids Music BMI, Muy Bambinos Music ASCAP and Of the Post Music SESAC.

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