How Do A Manager and Artist Work Together?

  • Preston 'Shoes' Sullivan

  • Artist Manager

  • Global Eyes Entertainment

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Many artists believe that getting the right manager will solve all of their problems - marketing, booking, recording etc. However, it's critical to understand that getting a manager is where the serious work begins! 

In this insightful video, long-Time Industry Veteran, Preston Sullivan discusses the relationship between a manager and an artist in today’s music environment.


Here is some of the things Preston discusses in this video...

Most Important

Learn what he considers the most important thing when working together. 

Scouting Acts

Learn what Preston, and most other managers look for in an act.


Find out some of the things artists think managers do that they really don't.


Find out how a manager helps to develop a strategy for the artist's career.

Going Global

Find out how Preston takes his artists far beyond the US borders.

Record Deal

Discover Preston's take on record label deals in today's music environment.
About The EXPERT

Preston 'Shoes' Sullivan

Preston Sullivan, a serial entrepreneur, has amassed over 40 years in the business of music and technology. Since graduating from Vanderbilt University (Class of 1976) 1977 (Preston was a member of the 1974 Peach Bowl team) and Sigma Chi, he started and ran successful ventures from LA to Nashville.

Though a popular entertainer, classical violin, singer and sax player on the West Coast, Sullivan decided to move back to his beloved city of Nashville from Los Angeles and made the transition from artist to music executive in the years that followed. He built and launched companies such as college rock label Carlyle Records with offices in Nashville and Amsterdam, Preston Sullivan Music, ASCAP and Surespin Songs BMI with current copyrights associated with Universal Music Publishing and Spirit Music Publishing. He was in-house producer and studio manager for Sixteenth Avenue Sound whose world renowned clients recorded over 80 platinum and gold records.

In 1997 Sullivan jumped into the technology sector and co-founded the successful dotcom later called Streamlogics, a pioneer in webcasting and the streaming video business. Sullivan helped lead the company in global sales that resulted in a profitable sale in 2009 to Thomson Reuters.

Sullivan presently is GM of Global Eyes Entertainment. The company develops promising young artists and manages several established global recording artists with offices in Nashville, Berlin Germany, and Tallinn, Estonia. Sullivan also produces about 3 or 4 album projects per year. He recently signed the new young Estonian rock/blues band The Queen Of Spades and co-manages the band with Estonian resident Susanna Uusmaa with Bunny Shoes Music in Tallinn. Other artists include The Mad Stuntman (Formally Reel 2 Real), Little Monarch, Samuel D. Sanders, Jericho Rose, Stephanie Urbina Jones and The Honky Tonk Mariachi, The Texicana Mamas, Casey Kalmenson, JESSA and whoistidez. Hobbies: Gardening, Boating, Sailing, Arts, Movies, Cooking, and Wine.

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