How Do I Manage The Business Side Of All My Bookings?

  • Reuben Avery
  • CEO - BackOnStage
  • Artist and
    Band Leader
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Getting gigs itself can be quite a chore. But for the many acts who need to issue contracts, book the band  from an ever-changing roster of players, coordinate set up, set times and more, the task can seem endless. It often turns out to be a logistical nightmare. 

In this video, veteran band leader Reuben Avery how artists can streamline this process and do everything with his one comprehensive app, 'Back On Stagea' It can be a lifesaver as well as a gig saver!


Tips And Advice Reuben Shares In This Video


Learn how to simplify the process of issuing contracts and getting them signed.

Schedule Coordination

Learn how to ensure your band members all know all the pertinint details of each gig. 

Set Lists

Learn how to provide your band members with set lists with charts and even MP3s.


Learn how you can assign tasks and roles to your band and crew all in one place.

Internal Communications

Learn how to prevent vital information from getting lost in an email inbox.


Learn how keep all of your contacts in one place for easy access.

Reuben shares a lot more invaluable solutions!

About The EXPERT

Reuben Avery

Reuben has over 20 years of experience in the live music entertainment industry. In 2009, he founded Phonix Band Inc., one of the top music entertainment and production companies based in Vancouver, BC. They provide sound production services and an array of live music, ranging from solo acts to 9-piece party bands.

Since earning his Bachelor of Music degree from Capilano University in 2010, Reuben has started several music-related businesses, performed in nearly 1,000 shows with various bands, and worked on film productions as a music copyist and librarian.

In 2019, he founded Back On Stage App, a comprehensive client, team, and business management software for live music businesses. His goal was to leverage his live music experience to help other musicians build and grow their music businesses.

Beyond music, Reuben has over six years of experience as the Marketing Director for Easiklip Floors, a North American hardwood flooring merchant. Here, he has created marketing campaigns, sales funnels, and website infrastructure.

Reuben is passionate about giving musicians and bands the freedom they need to focus on their music. He aims to achieve this by building tools that simplify running a music business.

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