How Do I Make Money With My Online Music? 

  • Randy Barber
  • Radio Promoter

  • Artist Consultant

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There are many ways to derive income from your recorded music.  In fact, your music may be making money for you right now without you even realizing it. Unfortunately, many musicians leave a lot of money on the table simply because they are not aware of all of these income streams and how to 1) register for them and 2) collect money owed to them., 

In this video, Randy Barber walks you through many of these often overlooked income streams and tells you how to collect what's rightfully yours.


Valuable Information Randy Shares In This Video

Income Streams

Learn the various kinds or royalties & income streams artists and songwriters can earn.

How To Register

Randy explains how to register to get all of the money that is owed to you.


Randy explains what is required for you to register and collect your royalties.


Learn the role of Performing Rights Organizations in various countries.


Learn some of the challengges you might encounter in registering your songs/masters.

Getting Help

Learn some of the ways you can get help with the entire process. 


Randy Barber

With over 23 years of experience in the music business, Randy has basically worn every single hat possible in this industry. Moving to Nashville from Little Rock, Arkansas to pursue a career as a songwriter quickly found himself with a publishing deal and spending a great deal of time in the studio producing demo's. After writing a complete project with Eric Lee Beddingfield, Randy went to work with Eric full-time doing whatever was necessary to launch his career... from playing in ELB's touring band, to tour management, radio promotion ... whatever was needed to launch the career. His efforts led Eric to being the MusicRow Magazine Independent Artist of The Year in 2012, an opportunity to perform on the Grand Ol' Opry and a tour with George Jones.

This Success opened the door for Randy to take a role with Curb Records in Radio Promotion before finally starting his own Artist Development business, Bar Frog Music. Randy as worked with amazing artists including Dylan Scott, Larry Fleet as well as launching Eric Lee Beddingfield's career.

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