How Do I Deal With The Negativity and Frustration of the Music Industry?

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Chances are you've experienced plenty of negativity along your musical journey. Whether the source is rejection from a gig or a contest, or rude comments on social media, it's never a pleasant or easy thing to have to deal with. It's part of the game no matter what level you're at in your career.  And unfortunately, it stops a lot of people in their tracks.

In this video, Kellan Fluckiger shares the dark path that denying himself his creative outlets led him down, and how he turned that around. He offers solid, extremely useful advice for every artist, musician or songwriter!


Suggestions & Advice  Kellan Shares In This Video

The Dark Side

Learn Kellan's story and how he ended up in a very dark place in his life without music.

Facing The Challenge

Learn ways to cope with the rejection and frustration and not let it stop you.


Learn how you can take advantage of a nmber of creative outlets.


Learn how to channel your negativity  & frustrations and turn them into a positives.


Learn how important it is to achieve and maintain a good balance in your life.

Find Others

Sometimes trying to deal with these challenges is too much to do alone.
About The EXPERT

Kellan Fluckiger

As an executive, Kellan had a notable career as a pioneer in the contentious area of energy de-regulation, testified before congress, and was a key player in the resolution of the ENRON scandal and market manipulation investigation in the western US and Canada.

In 2007, Kellan left a lucrative consulting practice to explore the depression that had haunted him for decades. Depression caused by an abusive and tormented upbringing which drove a massive cycle of ultra-high performance and success coupled with addictions and a hidden double life. This exploration led to authoring 5 books on meditation and the first of his biographical trilogy, TightRope of Depression, a #1 best-selling book. Two albums of music followed and the 2nd in the trilogy, Down From the Gallows is expected in fall 2020.

In the continuing search for development, Kellan trained as a coach for high achievers and performed in an award-winning choir, which charted #1 on Billboard not once, but 4 times. In addition, Kellan began speaking and creating programs for high performers, especially those who have dealt with deep issues of self-doubt, and limiting stories.

Kellan is dedicated to helping others tap their gifts and talents to allow them to effectively serve and grow in their own lives. His coaching is renown for the powerful results and growth. He continues to speak, write and perform regularly. He’s written eight #1 best selling books with more to come in 2020 and beyond. Also launched is a new YouTube channel and popular podcast, Your Ultimate Life Formula. Coaching with Kellan is an unforgettable experience.

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