How Can I Get Indie Radio Airplay?

  • Gerg Anidem
  • Indie Scene Radio

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Radio has become a tougher and tougher nut to crack for independent artists. However, there are countless smaller, independent radio stations that are hungry for great indie music.

In this video, radio station owner and show host Gerg Anidem discusses how and where artists can still get radio airplay.


Valuable Information Gerg Shares In This Video

Radio Stations

Gerg explains the various kinds or levels of radio stations that exist.

Best Indie Stations

Learn which stations you can start pitching your music to right away.

Contacting Stations

Find out the best and most effective ways to contact and pitch to indie radio stations.


Learn about tools and services you can use to pitch your music to indie stations.

Standing Out

Find out what will get the attention of a show host or Program Director.


Learn the value of building relationships with stations rather than just spamming them.
About The EXPERT

Gerg Anidem

Gerg Anidem founded, created and currently operates what has become a very popular "multi-genre" internet radio station, Indie Scene Radio, which has attracted over 1.2 million listeners over the last two years. Featuring music by both signed and unsigned independent artists from around the globe, he is dedicated to discovering and promoting what he feels is, the very best the independent music industry has to offer. Indie Scene Radio - All Indie All The Time.

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