How Do I Set Up A Quality-Sounding Home Recording Studio?

  • Alex Bowers
  • Music Producer

  • Mix Engineer

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Setting up a home studio doesn't need to be rocket science, but it is important that you know what to spend your budget on and what not to to. That way you're not deep-sixing yourself by investing too much in the wrong things. 

In this video Alex Bowers gives insight and tips for how to set up a good quality-sounding home recording studio.

Helpful Advice Alex Shares In This Video

Most Common Mistakes

Find out  the most common mistakes producers make when setting up a studio.

Quality Gear

Find out which gear must be high quality and what can be lesser due to budget.


Learn how to choose a good microphone and how much you should budget.


Get tips on properly setting up the acoustics in your room.

Cutting Corners

Find out where many producers cut corners but are then sacrificing quality.

Mixing And Mastering

Find out if you can mix & master music in the same room where you recorded it.
About The EXPERT

Alex Bowers

Alex Bowers a producer and engineer, a music director, a live and session musician located in Los Angeles. "I have been able to program shows for people, play shows, and I’ve been fortunate to share the studio and the stage with some awesome artists and musicians."

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